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7/21/2018 c22 Meow Orbit
It was great! I love the mythical creatures twists-there’s not enough stories with them!
4/27/2018 c12 13TheManDan33
I understand why you feel that way about Lisanna. I love the girl too but as a child, she was kind of annoying.
Either way, I loved this and I did like the sort of twist on the normal cliche
4/26/2018 c7 TheManDan33
This was especially tear jerking since I value Happy and Natsu's relationship more then Natsu's with Lucy. Good job! Seriously.
4/23/2018 c3 TheManDan33
*Natsu pulls out Cayenne pepper seasoning*
Me: Relatable!
This was so cute though and it was definitely an interesting read
3/20/2018 c7 9Mystic Stars
This story is so heartbreaking and woeful. I say I can understand your pain, because I, too, lost my dog a few days ago. She was an African mix breed, though I'm not sure of the specific breeds. For the longest time though, I thought she probably was half fox, just because her ears were quite big and long, and she could move them in different directions. She died from old age, almost being 12 years old. What horrified me the most a few days before she died was the pain she went through. She'd hardly eat or drink, and she struggled to walk. She could barely stand on her own. The second thing was when my dad told me that her body would be cremated. I thought that she would've been buried, but I learned that she would be cremated unless we buried her. I'm really sorry for your loss. Even if you feel guilty for putting Socks down, I think she has forgiven you, because you did the right thing. I really didn't want to put my dog down, but it was a lot better to relieve her from her pain, and I think your cat feels the same thing.
3/15/2018 c2 MuffinsAvengers
My friend should be made a saint for sending me this fanfic. Em, you’re amazing. *Audience cheering in background.* Also, the author of this is one of the most awesome people on this earth. Well written!
2/17/2018 c7 Henbie
This brought memories back from 2016 when I had to put my beloved baby dog to sleep with euthanasia. She was a rescued dog and would have turned 5 years on 2017... and then she just got complications from simple bloodwork. She got a blood clot which the vet was uncomfortable treating. The only treatment option she gave was paw massage... it didn't help. The blood clot spread and naturally multiplied. She was under strong opioid based painkillers. And choosing emergency euthanasia hurted so bad even though it was the right choice for her.
2/17/2018 c15 CosmicDragonWizard
Loving all of these!
2/17/2018 c9 CosmicDragonWizard
Another great job!
2/17/2018 c20 CosmicDragonWizard
Amazing job-so good!
1/14/2018 c1 yuujideservestheworld
Its a great story and it’a so cute! I love your writing and I can’t wait till you update more!
12/14/2017 c21 2lishagirl
so cute
12/11/2017 c13 Guest
12/11/2017 c7 Guest
I'm so sorry for your loss, even though this is a year late.
12/2/2017 c21 3An Amber Pen
Aww, so sweet! I love it!
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