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11/25/2017 c21 Guest
Loved it! So much blushing, they're adorable
11/25/2017 c18 Guest
Stockholm syndrome?
11/12/2017 c7 1WhatAnimeHasTaughtMe
Out of the many years I have spent roaming through hundreds of fairy tail fanfics, I have never read one that primarily deals with the loss of a beloved pet before. Coincidently, I stumbled upon this chapter today, also known as the day that my dog passed away. Funny how life works, huh? Maybe this is a fateful encounter (get it? xD). To be honest, I have not read this chapter yet but I skimmed the very beginning and when I got an idea about what it was about, I checked the last few lines the make sure my intuition was correct. I just could not really believe that on the day of the very first time that I lost a pet, I encountered a fanfic about the topic. The world of fanfiction really is a wonderful place. It has been my backbone whenever life goes dire and now it takes me here. I will probably go back and actually read this chapter at some point though probably not today since it is kinda late and I still have homework to do lol. However, even though I have not read it yet, I am sure it is great considering how much I enjoyed the previous chapters you have written. I am glad that you were able to write about such a personal and sentimental topic and I hope that both you and Socks are faring well. Remember, even if you guys cannot see each other, even if you are miles apart, you guys will always be looking each other's way. This chapter aside, I really enjoyed your previous chapters as well even though I did not leave a review (gomen). I read some of them today when my dog was still in the veterinary hospital and they really lifted my spirits. Fanfiction has hardly ever failed to bring a smile to my face, and your stories have really helped to get a couple laughs out of me even when the times were tough. Thank you for sharing your writing here and please continue the great work! :)
11/12/2017 c20 3An Amber Pen
Loving it!
11/12/2017 c20 2TheUniqueFangirl
lol that was perfect! Poor lucy tho
11/12/2017 c20 Tohka123
Fufu~ Sneaky Natsu and Lucy keeping their relationship locked down :P
11/12/2017 c20 4FlameDragonHime
This is really good. I feel like hiro needs to create more moments where erza and others actually get told what they're doing isn't very...polite.
11/12/2017 c20 Aema
Perfect. Not just the writing, or even the idea. Every character played their role and acted realistically, the route you took to get from point A to B wasn't rushed, and the transition from sad injury to happy ending was spectacular. You gave the perfect amount of details for every scene without over doing it, and you also had substance, which wasn't overshadowed with intentional use of big words. You're a great writer, but you can also setup realism to the point the characters feel genuine. Great job as always, especially with how many stories you have, busy life. Look forward to more of your work in the future. Good day
11/11/2017 c20 JustAnotherFan14
Once again another great one shot. I liked how Natsu was taking care of her. It’s usually the other way around. Can’t wait for the next one.
11/11/2017 c20 2Serthrek871
I thought it was really cute. You know, besides all the blood and stuff. xD
Seriously though, really cool story. I could totally see the picture being inspired by this story instead of the other way around.
11/11/2017 c20 Screeney
Loved it!
11/11/2017 c20 18Dragonll237
Cute! At least the beginning and end... Erza was kinda too pushy but we all know how she gets when she sets her mind on something. Can't wait for the next one!
11/11/2017 c20 Tenma360Warrior
Loved it. It was very cute.
11/11/2017 c20 Lucy H Lover
I assume you mean your next one shot is Nov. 24th? Anyway this chspter was super cute. Poor Plue, I also love how in this fic they were already dating and almost no one knows. Also I loved the end of it!
11/11/2017 c20 BloodRedRubies
this is a cute oneshot especially the end part. its so cute and fluffy
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