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9/2/2020 c22 violet lilaccs
OH the confrontation for when they come out is gonna be embarrassing
9/2/2020 c21 violet lilaccs
OMGG the second handed embarrassment murdered me :/0
9/1/2020 c28 Carla the wizard
AWW! So cute and a big twist!
9/2/2020 c20 violet lilaccs
oh, lol, i remember seeing that picture
9/2/2020 c19 violet lilaccs
aww, i dont mind if theyre short- the quality did not suffer anyway
9/2/2020 c18 violet lilaccs
oh lol, they had what was probably the wildest plan ever. i liked the story a lot XD
9/2/2020 c17 violet lilaccs
i dont usually read apocalypse stories but this one is good even if i dont rly understand the terminology lol
9/2/2020 c28 1Guerra Bored
uagbriwhs I neeeed more please T.T what did Gajeel say, how did she ask him out SO MANY QUESTIONS
9/1/2020 c16 violet lilaccs
that challenge sounds impossible sorry
9/1/2020 c15 violet lilaccs
lol the fact that he has like... flashbacks or something to kissing happy XD TTOTT XDDD
9/1/2020 c14 violet lilaccs
oof i remember being a moron 12 year old
9/1/2020 c13 violet lilaccs
ahhh this is super cute w
9/1/2020 c12 violet lilaccs
oof thats a spin on the usual natsu ditch lucy :D
9/1/2020 c11 violet lilaccs
the misunderstanding is stronk in this one
9/1/2020 c10 violet lilaccs
the concept is a bit ridiculous but is honestly done super welll TTuTTb
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