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2/18 c19 Just a Guest
I found this fic yesterday and then proceeded to devour it. It was so good! I loved your take on PTSD and the mature relationship between Caleb and Cornelia. I would love to see more W.I.T.C.H stories from you.
8/3/2019 c9 31rojy
Poor Caleb, this is really heartbreaking
7/31/2019 c7 rojy
I loved this chapter very much
7/29/2019 c2 rojy
Lovely. I thought they would be stupid to ignore the window but never thought that Blunk would be there to guard it.
I think that the comics have a good base if you want to write about traumas of Caleb, him being not a human to begin with. The suffering he had to see when he first developed a will of his own too. But I hate the fact that he broke up with Cornelia
7/29/2019 c1 rojy
I love this. It is mature and realistic. Most of the fics in this fandom lack this. I also love how flowers and their scent refer to Cornelia in his mind. I am huge fan of CxC they don’t have a lot fics and really few good ones. This really promising. Thank you for writing this
7/29/2019 c19 Animelover2001238
That was AMAZING
7/24/2019 c19 19jimelization
I took the time to read every chapter in the past few days, because I hadn't stumbled across your story before, and I can honestly say that it was worth it. Very tough story, very tough motives and emotional turning points, plus the main focus was my all-time favorite plot-line in the cartoon- the "Julian-Caleb-Nerissa" saga. Loved it, especially because it was garnished with a fair amount of CxC love. Now while there are a few things that are different from my point of view on the entire drama with Caleb and his parents, there were also many things which I completely agreed with. For example Julian expressing his feelings for Nerissa, comparing them to what Caleb's relationship with Cornelia is like. That part was bomb. Of course the father-son bonding throughout the chapters was on point too. Now the presentation of Nerissa as an ultimate villain who has no love for her son, whatsoever, is not completely right for me, because she does have a lot of moments throughout the show, showing that she actually cares for both Caleb and Julian.
Even that fateful scene which Caleb remembers a few times in your story, when she almost destroyed him had another, different meaning in the cartoon. Her exact words were:
- "Then I'll destroy you!"- upon hearing his refusal to join her.
And then when Julian arrives and confronts her:
"No, you will not."- she suddenly stops. "You will not harm our child, Nerissa. If our love could create this magnificent son, then there must have have been some good in you. Once."
And she lowers her hand with resignation, closing both her eyes and mouth for a second there:
"Then just this once, I will let you both go. But cross me again and there will be no mercy! Nor escape..."-
But anyway there is so much more I can say about this scene and about Nerissa in particular, as I am currently writing about her, but that's just me, haha. That was my only remark, which of course does not change the fact that you have a very good written story here, which I enjoyed reading. :)
7/23/2019 c19 17GibberingGhoul
A beautiful way to end a very rough story.
7/23/2019 c19 11coolcat12345
Oh this is very lovely. I like tone and interactions are sweet, I loved Caleb's apology and respectful way Cornelia offered to help him and of course dancing among flowers!
Thanks for writing it.
5/15/2019 c18 Guest
I love this story so much!
Please please update soon.
5/8/2019 c1 Guest
Love this story. You show so well all thier struggles and issus. Love caleb and i'm so glad that you wrote a story that focuses mainly on him because there aren:t many that do and you did a great job. Hope you will update soon. (would be great if you wrote a chapter were caleb collapses for some reason... Yaa i like whump stories)
3/24/2019 c18 coolcat12345
Oh I adore this story. I read it tonight in one go. I am in love with it, can't choose my favourite chapter. You write so much and it is so nice, your grammar is great and your style engaging, scenes flow very well. You have great handle at characterization, deeply explore character's personalities and conflicts, and I love how you handle different reactions to PTSD, fact that children were forced to fight in Rebellion, as well as how communication is key to healing for everybody. Caleb and Julian's relationship is great, and I love how shadow of Nerissa looms over them. Can't wait to see how that goes on.
I am interested in seeing how Blunk is handling everything that happened, or shot of Vathek dealing with prisoners, and maybe bit of look at old Guardians? If you'd write that I'd be ready to give you my firstborn.
Thanks for great story, keep up great work!
2/13/2019 c18 yanap993
One of the best fanfiction i've read. The characters and plot are awesome. Can't wait for next chapter. Thank you for your work!
1/13/2019 c8 Fantastic Fire
Super interesting and emotional chapter! Super cool to read!
12/2/2018 c6 17GibberingGhoul
I was wondering when one of the girls would bring up PTSD. I’m a little surprised it wasn’t first Taranee, but considering that talking is Cornelia’s forte, it’s not a stretch.
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