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4/9/2017 c1 29KM2000
Whoa... this was an awesome read. I never thought much about what might have happened if Aislinn had sought out Beira, but I could imagine this scenario occurring. This fic was beautifully written and I enjoyed it a lot. :)
10/8/2016 c1 37schizelle
I was wondering what you would do with Aislinn and Beira when I saw the prompts you got, and as usual, you didn't disappoint.
Also, hahahahahah! In your face, Keenan. (yep, still don't like him)
Beira seems very docile here, which is a little disorienting but it doesn't seem out of character.
I love that Aislinn chooses to take matters into her own hand like her mother, but Beira is still playing a game here because she knows Aislinn will not become a Summer Girl or a Winter Girl. Or is this an AU?
Either way, it was a delightful read. :D

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