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9/30 c1 Blabuni
Please dont leave us hanging here
11/5/2019 c3 shellee3
How awesome. Loved every bit of this fic. X
10/2/2019 c1 darveyxdckrstar
This is amazing! Love the way it’s going so far and I love your writing
3/11/2019 c3 Austenlove
I love this story so much! it left me with such a warming feeling! Thanks for writing this! :)
3/11/2018 c3 HeyItsJean
Another great story!
10/16/2017 c3 notnotkirbyspecter
My gosh! I love love love this story! This is one of the best there is and I've read quite a lot in the past few weeks after 7.10. Thanks for this!
4/27/2017 c3 36Babelvr54
Absolutely stunning! Love it! You've packed a lot of action in these chapters and it's all perfect! Thank you for sharing this with us
10/17/2016 c3 EmMNarang2513
It's been absolute torture for me knowing you had posted this final chapter & not having the time to immediately read it. But the wait was worth it. What a nice way to wrap up such a great Darvey story. This chapter is just as vivid as I've come to expect from your work that I could imagine the smell of vanilla in Harvey & Donna'a hotel bathroom. I could feel the cool smoothness as Donna fixed Harvey's tie and I could feel the heat of sun while standing witness on that tropical pier as Jessica said those emotional words describing their relationship. That's how real this felt to me. I was surprised when Donna suggested they get married right away but then why not? They have spent a third or so of their lives already side by side so why not start that new chapter right away. My favorite part was your description of Amanda grabbing Harvey's hand. It's such a natural thing for all little kids to do but the way you wrote it really packed an emotional punch that had me in (happy) tears. Thanks for writing this story! xo - em
10/16/2016 c3 Cez
Mr. and Mrs. Specter, Yays! and Amanda and they'll have twins! This is a lot! Truly a great read! Thanks.
10/16/2016 c1 Guest
Your stories are amazing, I love every single thing that you write. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this! I look forward to more of your writing!
10/15/2016 c3 carlota206
10/15/2016 c3 acuriousbeastie
I honestly adored this fic so much it was so beautiful and fluffy and everything I expect their relationship to be like. Thank you so much it really was beautiful!
Never stop writing your a queen!
10/15/2016 c3 1pinkbunniesinthemeadow
Lovely end of a perfect story :D
10/15/2016 c3 CatLover92
This was the PERFECT ending for a PERFECT fic. I honestly love it so much. The wedding was perfect and that's exactly what i want for them. It's just time for them (and us) to be happy. I'm gonna cherish this fic forever. And never stop writing, ok? NEVER.
Thank you mskekfkenfnekfkdkf
10/15/2016 c3 Guest
This fandom doesn't deserve you
God bless you girl for writing Harvey and Donna like this!
Bye I am dead
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