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for Manners Maketh Dragon

2/19 c7 fanreader18
Well now! That went as expected, but I'm pretty sure the choice will be made in the next big issue! See ya next chapter!
5/8/2020 c6 TribeOrBas
I don't want this to end I don't want this to end
I don't want this to end I don't want this to end
I don't want this to end I don't want this to end
I don't want this to end I don't want this to end
I don't want this to end I don't want this to end
I don't want this to end I don't want this to end
5/5/2020 c1 4Broken Requiem
You watched the Kingsman movies... didn't you?
4/11/2020 c7 red the pikachu master
This was great! Are you still working on this? Thanks for the great read!
4/8/2020 c5 dantezess
I Refuse to acknowledge that this fic may be dead I don't care that it hasnt been updated in 4 years it's too good to die. *throws tantrum*
12/31/2019 c2 Aetherium21
You’re making Issei’s character far too “perfect”
12/31/2019 c2 Aetherium21
Oh thank fuck, so glad Issei lives by some draconic principles instead being a little submissive “gentleman” for Rias the enslaver
7/26/2019 c7 NegaDruid
An excellent story! Though the mystery of who Scott is may never be revealed if you never return to us. A gentlemanly Scotsman that goes by the name Scott... hm. I've no idea. I'm terribly curious though. If you could shoot a PM my way with the answer one day, or someone could, I'd appreciate it. Following and Faving though, so one day we may see more.
7/24/2019 c7 1Liantei
Wow this is hella amazing! I have to admit, I usually really dislike Issei's character most of the time so seeing him like this was wonderful! It's like you took all the good parts of his character, and even some of the bad parts but you redirected them into good too. This was an excellent read with fantastic characterization and character evolution. I really hope there comes a time where you decide to continue this fic!

Thank you so much for writing :)
7/21/2019 c7 Dslayer19
man, this is one fine piece of art. a shame that this was abandoned really...I hope you get back to this one day
6/27/2019 c7 adbelvd
Great history. It is a pity you never update it beyond it.
4/14/2019 c7 Guest
Umm Is this Dead. Please dont let it be dead. Also, LOVED the Walter C Dornez Reference. Keep up the good work. Please?
2/6/2019 c1 MindCrasher11
Loving the story mate. Really hoping for another chapter (even as we are passing the 2 year mark) as it is different to most fanfics in the HighSchool DxD fandom.
10/18/2018 c7 5Keldin
I know it's been just over two years since anything has been written on this, but wanted you to know there is still interest. I'm particularly interested in seeing what happens when Irina (and possibly Xenovia) show up.
9/10/2018 c6 2LoveGlutton
Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that mov
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