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for Fates A bitch

6/12/2020 c1 HorrorFan13
The frog brothers were the best characters
7/13/2018 c6 2GachaGachaGirl
Loved this fic, absolutely a TEASE
7/12/2018 c6 princessnerra
Loved the story!
6/17/2018 c6 silverwinterwhite
I hope u are feeling better. This story is amazing and the ending is good.
6/6/2018 c6 Sarahburch
plz update
6/6/2018 c6 3Little Nothing 1
I really need to do the dishes...lol...Love the story...
6/6/2018 c6 4FlowerChild23
Lolthat is funny stuff
4/13/2018 c5 ed24555
Please update soon
9/8/2017 c5 5dekusdante
So good like wow
5/22/2017 c5 Guest
Please continue soon!
5/7/2017 c4 Samm
I love thissss! 3
3/20/2017 c4 7Skadya
She is not the only one hoping!
3/4/2017 c4 4FlowerChild23
Wow this is really really good!
3/4/2017 c4 Scaddell
Love it... Glad to see you back... Hope to see more and would love to see more of you glee soa stories
2/9/2017 c3 Guest
Update please!
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