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for A Drunken Arcwitch Marriage

6/28 c3 mackenziecmcmillan
bruh, when my parents found out i wanted to join the military they were just like "lit u do u" and then never brought it up again
11/10/2022 c25 3Gizmo Gear
Honestly, if you had managed to write all of what you had planned, I would have loved every chapter. This was an excellent story that could have gone on for over a hundred chapters, according to what you showed us. I'm sure it would have climbed even higher in popularity over that time frame. I'm particularly intrigued with the idea of the Pyrrha and Oscar ship, and I'm curious if anyone else thought of that one.
11/10/2022 c16 Gizmo Gear
Aaahahah. Oooh, what a way for the secret to spill.
11/10/2022 c11 Gizmo Gear
Pffff-Nora, you silly goose...
11/10/2022 c9 Gizmo Gear
Sixteen students, gone in a single day...
How will Beacon Academy cope with such tragic losses?
11/10/2022 c1 Gizmo Gear
"They're hunters, what's the worst that could happen"

10/1/2022 c25 bamba12
Goddamn it!
It is perfectly understandable that you didn't find it in you to continue the story but do please add to the story description that it is discontinued, it is misleading as it currently is, I was started to suspect something is wrong when things were very much not coming to a close and there were so few chapters remaining, would've been nice to know about it before starting the fic.

On a more positive note the fic was very nice and cute, I was smiling or laughing more than half the time reading it.
9/18/2022 c25 2blackarrowprime94
As I feared in chapter 24 with no hint of tying up loose ends, we have been hit by the dreaded “cancellation” where our friendly neighbourhood Author-Chan can’t push themselves out of a writer’s block (understandablysigh* is there no chance for a revival? I’d really love to see how this ends properly, not just through a summary that to be honest leaves a tone of detail missing
7/20/2022 c25 Merrick J Kormak
Hello I'm a writer on Wattpad and I was hoping if I could adopt this story since you decided to cancel.
If you wanna look me up on Wattpad search for Merrick13006
You can give me your answer on my Wattpad account
6/10/2022 c25 CrimsonSoul102205
great story!
6/10/2022 c21 CrimsonSoul102205
ah i see... i accidentally skipped a chapter, and went back to see why the frick is jaune and glynda in the same bed again.
6/10/2022 c20 CrimsonSoul102205
I knew something was up with Qrow! Oh that's hilarious!
6/10/2022 c13 CrimsonSoul102205
ah yes the little voices in your head. i love the trope. i actually have a voice in my head too! although it keeps saying i should kill myself all day... but thankfully it shuts up whenever it's night time— what was i talking about again?
6/10/2022 c12 CrimsonSoul102205
ok so technically he didn't get laid, but he kainda— im just gonna shut up now
6/10/2022 c10 CrimsonSoul102205
why do i feel like Jaune's going to get laid? (again?)
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