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5/19 c16 4DarkFusion
Curious if this minion of Orochimaru's is one of his filler minions. Funny to know Zabuza completed the whole Bridge arc with ease, though I can't help but wonder what influence he gave Inari.
5/19 c15 DarkFusion
So I suppose there's going to be a Zabuza Bridge in the near future XD. Anyway I like these new team formations. Very curious to see how the team dynamics turn out as the story goes on.
5/19 c14 DarkFusion
Very good changes to the ninja Academy prologue arc and it's good to see you building Sakura up to be a better character, it looks like things are slowly changing for the better with Sasuke and I am curious how Mizuki is going to factor in as a full on henchman for Orochimaru instead of a dupe who gets a dollar store variation of the curse seal.
5/19 c12 DarkFusion
I'll give you props for shaking things up in this arc, though admittedly I was a bit worried about how high the death count would be. Very curious to see how this change with Zabuza and Haku will go especially with the latter becoming a Konoha ninja, Karin meeting Naruto at this early a point in the story and Orochimaru getting the Sharingan and potentially remaining in Akatsuki.
5/19 c8 DarkFusion
Okay, the twins' powers certainly sound interesting. Curious if this is going to lead to Yamato showing up and becoming involved in the story earlier than canon. Now to see a take on what will happen if Itachi didn't do what he had to do...
5/19 c7 DarkFusion
Another set of interesting, and well written, changes from Gaara gaining some stability way earlier in his life than canon and Itachi going down a completely different path. Very curious to see where this will lead...
5/19 c6 DarkFusion
Definitely liking how things are changing thanks to Jiraiya and Tsunade's presence, especially for Itachi. Things turning out better for Hinata's family actually makes more sense for the Hyuuga clan changing becoming a background story than it did in canon, though I get the feeling we'll see more of that than we did in canon anyway. Looking forward to what you have planned for Gaara and co.
5/19 c5 DarkFusion
Looks like my prediction came true regarding Naruto having siblings XD. Also excellent job on bringing Hinata into the story!
5/18 c4 DarkFusion
So Jiraiya and Tsunade get married and toegther defuse the Hyuga stuff. Curious how this is going to change things for Neji and Hinata later. Not to mention this does a better job of going along with what we would learn of the Kumo ninjas character-wise later than with canon.
5/18 c3 DarkFusion
I'd say you did a great job getting Jiraiya and Tsunade together in this chapter, especially taking into account what we learn about the two's unspoken feelings towards each other in canon. If you add this arrangement where they're in much closer contact than they ever were after their ninja days it makes sense. With Shizune's discoveries though I can't help but wonder if by the time we get to the time period we're most familiar with if Naruto's going to have a younger sibling of sorts XD.
5/18 c2 DarkFusion
Okay, if Itachi's early appearance is any indication I sense something new being done with him. Also once again good character moments between Jiraiya and Tsunade.
5/18 c1 DarkFusion
Well, this is definitely an interesting idea, especially given the potential it has to change quite a bit from canon. You've definitely gotten Jiraiya and Tsunade's character down with some good back and forth so far and has me curious to see how their influence will affect Naruto's development. I'll definitely be reading more.
5/15 c133 1bhrama369
super bro . Thank you for Completing The Story . its Very GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
5/12 c47 Guest
Really like this story so far, but there is one problem I have and that is how forced some of the relationships are. An example would be how in the chapter I just read, kureina said that Rin should get over dying by finding a boyfriend. Other than that I like the story
5/12 c133 1Nightwing2013
Should’ve named Kiba’s daughter Kairi if you were going to make a KH reference that overt.
Loved this story. There’s a few wording and grammar errors throughout, but they don’t detract from the overall quality of the work.
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