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3h c61 1Lord Vaserious
I love this chapter
9h c120 W8W
Earlier update was big and pleasant surprise. So you plan for series to end at 133 chapter?

Talk about appetit was funny. Surprise attack was nice and fail only because of difference in strength. It was so big that it was pathetic, why even bother sending them. Being immortal on orbit is terrible fate.

Second wave was much more effective. You may not have much use in the story for Hiruzen but I think that it was or keep him alive for this reunion. I really like they dynamic. His death has lots of respect for character. I like how much pressure be put on opponents and how much he have figured out Orochimaru.

Speaking about death Tenzo and Choza was sudden so unexpected but it is war so people die. Lv 3 of cursed seal was surprise and it have interesting look although we see that it is going in "wrong way" and never match sage mod. Death of sound five remnants was decent.

I love how Naruto reprimand Mito about Kurama not being "it". I really hope that he will do the same to Hashirama. I also hope that there will be no escaping from this fight. He may have catch most of tailed beast but they were one at a time and I am not sure if he ever fought against jinchuriki. In short Orochimaru may overestimated his ability to get job done.

I forgot that in this story Madara wasn't dead, that's why Obito was in the hurry.
11h c1 9dreina0306
I once thought of doing a story were Naruto was adopt by Orochimaru.
1/15 c14 pp man
The jyubi is the one eyed demon the riddle refers to am I right? Or just brain dead?
13h c120 79TheGreatGodzilla
Personally, I'm still wishing that Tayuya is actually an Uzumaki but hey, it's your story. I'm not asking you for any change, of course. This is happened to be my personal grieving toward her character.

And now Tenzo, Choza and Hiruzen are gone too. I'm kind of feeling bad for Choza, he won't get to enjoy being a grandfather like in the canon. To be exact, he can retire to become one of the clan's elders like Hiashi's father and I believe that this is what happened in the canon. So yeah, they don't need to die for their children to become the leaders of their clan. They can simply just retire. But tell me, what is your though about this? I mean, why chosen to have them killed off instead of simply having them retire to become part of the councils of elders of their clans?

And during the confrontation with Orochimaru, I hope Tsunade won't be the only survivor. And by that at the very least, Jiraiya will make it out alive with her too. And I know this will sound doubtful for sure but will Jiraiya is still going to try and convince Orochimaru to value their friendship? I know that it will be quite stupid at this point. But knowing him, he would definitely at least give another try for sure.

And I guess I was too busy to notice that the mysterious woman was Mito. I was completely focusing on the other stuffs like the conversation between Hotaru and Konan after all. But speaking of Mito, will she and the others join Hashirama soon?

Also, can you named me the stories where Hiruzen were being kept alive for the time being after his retirement? I would like to see them.

Hashirama is coming back now? Now, that's unexpected. But where is Tobirama? Was being resurrected somewhere else or he has yet to come back? But back to Hashirama, I cannot wait for Naruto to point out that he is having some influences and sort of being responsible for their lives were being messes and even the wars. Of course, Hashirama was thinking that he was doing the right things. But as we all know, the World War I started because of the successful assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria bya 19-year-old rebel from a group called the Young Bosnia. So yeah, I think Hashirama's legacy is would be quite a disputed one because some will viewed him as a peace-loving war hero while some will viewed him as an ambitious warlord. But to me, he's a mixed of both. Yes, he's a warlord. But he's a warlord who failed to see reality and how nasty and greedy humans actually are and expected everyone to treat each other with kindness and equality by giving dangerous beasts as gifts to the other parties. But I believe that this is how he intentionally designed to be. He's one of the many examples of those people who managed to solve problem only to create another one from it. But what is your thought about him? Do you agree with me on this or do you have the other way to describe him?

So now that Madara has waken up, how far it is from the Zetsu to betray him and revive Kaguya? I mean, you're sort of saying that this story is reaching an ending soon, roughly 10 more chapters at least.
14h c120 5Animephilosopher1
Sheeeeesh, you really know how to make shit hit it fan, in the best way possible for this story. Mito Uzumaki was something I did not see coming, especially since there was extremely minimal build-up for it such as missing DNA samples or any obvious hints like the Kyubi's return after Minato passed on.

You foiled Tailed-beast mode in this chapter splendidly and still did character's good justice, especially Hiruzen. While I am thankful he remained around so long (though perhaps could have taken a stronger roll in the Academy or split his time to teach the Genin personally given his reputation), having him die of old age would actually be an insult to the character and instead he died fighting in a last great stand. Especially by using Orochimaru's own arrogance against him.

Choza's death was a another hit after Shikaku met his end so soon, and I'm sorry to see Tenzo die as well.

Although, I am especially eager to see Orochimaru finally die. The man is so so agonizingly OP right now, he's practically like Blackbeard in One Piece, broken, self-serving and somebody that makes others hate his more and more as he continues to live and survive. I'm especially eager to see him finally destroyed, but with Sarutobi's death and Naruto on the run, he's got an extra bit of emotional-ammunition against Jiraya and Tsunade.

I'm pulsingly eager for the next chapter. Please make it as great as this one at least, and f****ing end that Snake!
19h c120 46Wolvmbm
What an amazing fight and it is truly a series of fantastic sacrifices to those that protected Naruto, Fu and Killer B to the end.

Something tells me that Choji will be heartbroken over the news along with team Tenzo and Along with those that cared for the former Third Hokage. You truly gave him a glorious demise.

Still with who is hunting them now it feels like things are about to get much harder for the trio to get to the ninja alliance all in one piece. Here is hoping that they have help somewhere for the upcoming battle because even they can tire out.

What a cliffhanger though as you are right to say that this is the endgame that this tale is reaching. Keep up the fantastic work on your wonderful story.
23h c120 MojoBlack
You have definitely raised the stakes in this story man.
The Tense moments feel like they are just getting started. Great chapter and I hope we get to see the Sannin fight! Things are going too well for Orochimaru
1/15 c120 2merendinoemiliano
Overall good job, it started slowly, but rapidly got much more dynamic. And I think you couldn't use better Hiruzen. Can't wait to see the Konoha founders at work and maybe Naruhina's reunion , keep up the good work and see you soon.
1/15 c120 23Mr. Spinner
Ah, the long awaited attack on the island. I think you did this justice, personally.
Your take on Mito was very creative in her battle style and actually really entertaining to read about. And the Third's last stand was heartbreaking but fitting for his character. Well played.
I look forward to seeing where the story leads toward its conclusion.
1/15 c60 1Lord Vaserious
Awesome chapter.
1/15 c59 Lord Vaserious
Congrats for actually making the Jashinits threatening!
1/15 c58 Lord Vaserious
I like this arc. Great job!
1/15 c120 12ahsoei
RIP Sarutobi-sensei.
1/15 c120 2OceanLord2017
Hehehe...early update, huh? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Yeah...I kinda figured you'd be saving the 'deaths' for the Battles that REALLY affect Plot (i.e. where the main characters are). Oh man...R.I.P. all three of them! I actually had to pause for a second when Tenzo and Choza were taken out...it happened so fast...but that's War I guess. At the very least...B evened the scales by OBLITERATING the last living Oto Ninjas.

As for Hiruzen...man, it's a miracle he managed that much! But yeah...I kinda figured Danzo would be his last opponent.

And Mito...I LOVE what you've done with her! Well...except for that emotional torment at the end there...eh, I'll just look at the pretty Adamantine Chains!

So eager to see Hashirama throw down! It's always a treat. And of course...Madara himself...that's gonna be FUN!

Til Next Time...Have Fun! Stay Safe!
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