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for Son of the Sannin

6h c133 62Stormshadow13
Thank you so much for such a wonderful story! I loved all the characters. And the battles were particularly amazing. I could see them in my head and it felt like I was there. Couldn’t stop reading the story until I got to the end. Love, love love it thank you again so much for such a wonderful read.
5/7 c14 mshade656
Naruto focusing too much attention on sasuke *(why other than the fsact that is canon).
and you treating naruto too much worse like civilian shinobi. even in original when he had some decent teacher, he progressed faster than sasuke, and that is the one of the most important reasons for sasuke for going to orochi.
5/7 c8 mshade656
so its going to be same "sasuke! Naruto!" shit
5/7 c5 mshade656
Is he going to be supper annoying like original?
4/11 c8 Guest
Great chapter! I’m really exited to keep reading and see where the story goes!
3/14 c82 yungc288
Just wanted to say the way Kabuto is killed….. yes!
3/11 c23 nezdanchikk
Hah, that Kegon guy is bloody genius :D
3/11 c11 nezdanchikk
Bloody Obito with Kotoamatsukami? Well, fuck
3/11 c8 nezdanchikk
This work is really interesting, but man, it is really annoying to read about "love" between 8 y.o. kids. Kinda... really? Hinata's father talking about he don't want to leave his daughter with boy alone without elders, and he pointed Hinata's age. Maybe i'm don't understood correctly, than sorry. But a lot of fanficrion authors can't fckn stop describing "love" between kids. Not between 13-15 y.o. kids, it is possible to trust in, but between 7-10 y.o. kids, it is something unbelievable. Stop it guys, just stop it please!

P.S sry for my English, it is not my native language and it is bad :(
3/9 c29 Dretnuh
Reminds me how stupid the english language is when lost doesn’t rhyme with most. You can tell english is not the authors first language because he thinks english actually has rules and follows them like other languages lol.
3/9 c133 mauryaabhinav001
Frankly it feels like i shouldn't have completed it,i feel like crying somewhat i hape you make another amazing fanfic on Naruto like this, i want to read your work please
3/8 c26 Dretnuh
It’s so funny Danzo doesn’t see that he as a ninja isn’t sacraficing shit for the sake of the village and that its the exact opposite… He’s sacrifing the village (or at the very least part of it) for the good of him lol.
3/7 c126 7Rafsolo
Gyuki is officially the older brother surrounded by a bunch of idiots. if he was human, how hair would be great and balding. lol!
3/7 c125 Rafsolo
i agree with everything you said at the end of the chapter in the author's note. brilliant battle!
3/7 c24 Sahamosveb
When a writer focuses on gender instead of plot, it kills interest in the story. Why such an emphasis on the division between girls and boys? Aren't they all ninjas? Aren't they ALREADY equal? Is this some kind of author trigger or what?
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