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6/24/2022 c40 4stan rules
6/22/2022 c133 Jake the Dragon
I know it's too late to ask, but how did Nekobaa feel about Kiba as her grandson-in-law for Tamaki Ander and her great-granddaughter Tamiko? The reason why I wanted Sarada and Boruto pair up is because I think that they are actually really cute together beside easing the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke and I wanted Sasuke to have the Rinnegan was because what was the point of their rivalry if Naruto got vastly stronger than Sasuke anyway.
6/22/2022 c11 f46adpg
Wasn't the byakugan supposed to decay if removed from the body or if the user dies?
I mean that was the point of creating the caged bird se that the whole saving the secrets of the byakugan thing
6/18/2022 c133 1AnonymousTJ
This story was awesome I'll always remember this story in my heart and my brain, thank you so much for this story
6/17/2022 c118 AnonymousTJ
I really love Konan in this she is just so badass
6/17/2022 c106 4Drax152
Weeeeelp Kumori is my favorite. Gigachad moment.
6/17/2022 c104 Drax152
Ah yes. Woomy. A universal language.
6/17/2022 c86 Drax152

How could you
6/16/2022 c71 Drax152
Given the fact that this fic is complete and this is the equivalent of talking to a wall, I really hope something is done in regards to Nagato's eyes for Konoha's sake. For as much as the Rinnegan is dope, the number of fics where Naruto has the Rinnegan is few and far between.
6/16/2022 c132 Kingofsenju
The indigo of this war work was better than the anime
6/13/2022 c82 1AnonymousTJ
Well nevermind I for some reason enjoyed the whole sage mode training I don't even know how to explain it
6/12/2022 c81 AnonymousTJ
I don't really like the idea of multiple people getting sage mode as it takes away the originality of Naruto/Jiraiya, like I don't like the idea of Asuma being able to do what Naruto does. It would be like the Konoha twelve each having a Sharingan. Or the entire hyuuga clan having Tenseigans. The reason I'm fine with Kabuto having Sage mode in canon is that is that it feels different to Toad Sage mode so if you are able to make all of the characters have a total different vibe than I'll be cool with it. You see I'm fine with characters having similar powers but they can't be the same thing for example the Rookie 9 each having a tailed beast is an interesting prospect because there powere are so different that it doesn't matter that there all jinchuriki. But maybe this whole review will be useless after I read the next chapter because maybe someone like Shisui uses it to for the sole reason that the chakra boost makes him able to use his Mangekyou or something that makes the sage mode that he uses unique
6/6/2022 c133 Guest
Oh hey man there is one question that I truly want to ask you, what is Shikamaru's job here Ander because you did not really specify it so that's why I asked?
6/5/2022 c12 Animedog0001
I’m only at chapter 12 but this AU is really well made, the world building so far is nice and I think the pace so far is good, it has the detail to build a vivid world but not so much where a paragraph is used to describe a single tiny aspect of the world. Good job so far!
5/27/2022 c30 YeaBoi
Naruto loosing this fight against gaara is just a massive killjoy
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