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5/20 c53 Guest
First of all I also loved the bonding moments between Hinata and Temari you know because I felt that Temari can be a better closer friend to Hinata than Sakura does you know because they can understand each other's position than Sakura does you know. Second of all, I really loved how you made Naruto search more reasons for him to become Hokage other than for his own egos you know.
4/11 c35 Guest
Ow come on... why did they have to be so foolish?
4/11 c32 Guest
Nice improvements :)
4/11 c30 Guest
Until now this story was excellent. But Narutos loss against Gaara and the fact that he hasn't a special Attack/Power (unlike Sasuke, his 2 siblings, Sakura with the Shattering Fists, Hinata with the Gentle Lightning Fist, Karin, Haku, Choji, Ino, Shikamaru etc.) is kinda annoying, especially with his Training with the Sannins. He should be able to do more than only a few Basic elemental Jutsus, Healing and his Canon-Jutsus (for example Needle Jizo, Swamp of the Underworld, the Invisibility Jutsu or Toad-Jutsus)
4/5 c133 STAG98
God, it's been a wild ride. I'm late to the party, but had a blast the whole time. This is without exaggeration, one of the best stories I've read on this site, and you should be proud.
4/2 c1 Axccel
I mean, Naruto would have his mother's family name anyway. Minato married into the Uzumaki Clan, Kushina did out marry out of it, that would be stupid and nonsensical.
3/27 c115 Robin Mathew
the best chapter never thought sakura could make use of talk -no-justu so good and an intresting plot of their hook up goood work
3/25 c4 15Vanessa Masters
Tsunade necklace glowing.

Lol Poor Tsunade, her real age showed because the Raikage thought she was a fake.

Jiraiya at the Raikage throwing his book, but Killer B liked it...and Tsunade, but better keep silent on it.


Jiraiya raised an eyebrow, then shuddered. A compliment from Danzo. He never felt so dirty.


Why do I suddenly feel the need to bathe?
3/15 c1 jamesangelburge
this was such an amazing starting chapter
3/11 c3 Vanessa Masters
Rofl! Ot the couch!

Well, it was bound to happen after two years living together.

And Shizune meets Itachi again.

Awww. Little Naruto was scared when Jiraiya and Tsunade went off to frog mountain.
3/11 c2 Vanessa Masters
Rofl well, Naruto at least waited until Jiraiya and Tsunade had their bonding moment before he cried.

Shizune meets itachi, and has faith in the next generation.

I mean, who can hate that cute baby?
3/11 c1 Vanessa Masters
So far wonderful and love and Tsunade to paren't Naruto and jiraiya convinces Saruboti not to keep Naruto from learning he's the kyubi container.

And from preventing people from saying it.

Also, the part at the end was super sweet with Jiraiya.
3/10 c55 Guest
muy buen fanfic
3/7 c33 blake
minato cant be revived he used the reaper death seal
2/27 c1 10nexusplayer
Jiraiya Damn it.
Let's hope That Harem jutsu manages to pull through though
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