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for Son of the Sannin

2/25 c8 blake
very good chapter i liked the part where the uchia got there own headbands.
2/25 c7 blake
as a person whos only seen naruto and no other anime i like your version of it
2/25 c6 blake
some words were not right but it was still a great chapter
2/25 c5 blake
i really like this version of naruto so far.
2/24 c133 20JamesFames
So glad I took the time to finish reading this. This story has been a blast from beginning to end. Thank you so much for this gem of a story, I enjoyed every minute of it. If Naruto was to ever be given a rewrite to fix a lot of the plot holes and give other characters better roles, I'd say this story would be the one. You did a fantastic job and I hope you take pride in this. Thank you again and I hope you have a great day!
2/13 c126 masteorias
So Naruto have Six Paths Kurama Mode but don't have Ashura Six Paths Senjutsu, that means that he can use sage Mode?
2/11 c99 masteorias
I don't understand one thing, the cloak of Naruto, is nine tails chakra Mode or Kurama Chakra Mode? the Nine Tails chakra Mode is the one that Naruto use before he "befriend" kurama and Kurama Mode is the one that he use after that, obviously with the exception of Kurama Six Paths Mode
2/11 c95 masteorias
I'm very sure Tobirama was sealed bye Itachi with Totsuka
2/8 c12 43Ashera fanfics
Totally agree about the academy and wasting the time of aspiring ninjas, on top of wasting the time of master ninjas (jônin), I think fresh genin should have Iruka's skills, chûnin are supposed to be professionals with experience so they should have Baki's level and jônin should be everything but fodder.
With the powerscale in canon, it's absurd that jônin can be so weak they die to mediocre beginner ninjas. Without kekkei genkai, Zabuza would fodderize 99% of generic jônin. With kekkei genkai, Haku who's not even supposed to be jônin level would fodderize 70% of generic jônin.
2/8 c10 Ashera fanfics
Good chapter overall, just too much talking during fights. Anko and Kurenai casually talking in front of an enemy jônin who could one shoot them...just no.
2/4 c1 dchotta65
Man I dont know from where did you got this Idea but this story is too good insted of those pokemon stories, man I wish if you would write some more of this type stories pls.
1/29 c122 speedwannabe461
Well done, sir or madam. Well done. I'm glad Guy's sacrifice was given its time, even if Madara's social kind of crazy allowed him to survive. But the fact that he doesn't have that healing factor should weaken him some, which is an advantage of having him alive from the start. He and Obito can fight together without causing plot holes. Speaking of which, why is Madara the only one who can turn off his Rinnegan? Reading this reminded me of that particular moment in the manga. Several panels show him using Mangekyo and then activating Rinnegan, with no explanation other than 'He's Madara'. Perhaps an Uchiha awakening allows them to use their MS abilities, as shown by Sasuke, who seems to retain the use of Kagutsuchi in certain instances despite having the Rinnegan in that eye. But then again, he couldn't revert his Samsara eye either. Also, do you plan on keeping Madara and Obito as the final villains, or introduce Kaguya? If so, who becomes the Ten tails jinchuriki? I feel like the writing us on the wall for Obito and Orochi. On that note, I appreciate your work is far, and I wish you the best going forward. P.S. I hope the snake stays dead this time around.
1/28 c10 jert mcgert
1/27 c41 GloriouSin
Well the story has officialy gone so AU that at this point i expect Frieza to land on the planet at any moment.
I guess when you go full Mangekyo and escalate the power level to space before 1/3 of the story thats what you get.
1/27 c3 jert mcgert
great chapter
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