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1/27 c3 jert mcgert
great chapter
1/26 c28 GloriouSin
Ice element loses to fire cos Uchiha (despite it being the very best element against fire in canon and due to rules set up by writer, as in both water AND wind are strong vs fire, it's just the biggest sasuke masturbation session to make him win that fight).

I see you still decided to make Naruto retarded when it comes to girls. Good on you. Super poor on the story, only garbage braindead authors do that.

Summons pre-fight? Why do all authors insist on utterly ignoring the rules they set up. Either stick to OG rules for things or follow up the consequence instead of jumping between OG and AU when it suits you you inept retarded fuckwit.
This and so many bs things... Ok so she summoned cats pre fight? So you can prepare anything pre-fight? Why not poison your competition, maybe main's would not do it but Rasa clearly would... Idiotic. Sabotage should be treated seriously
with disqualification. Rules are made so everyone has the same ammount of fun/chance not because "freaking adults man"... fucking kiddie author.

Also gz on, like all shit writers, forgetting what you wrote before. Killer B was Jirayas biggest fan (your writing) and all cool go lucky dude (both og and your writing), suddenly his character is all different. People constantly forget that things happened and they re-happen, hell you made a joke of it yourself with Fu bpretending to be double shocked by Kyuubi. Joke is on you cos you make that mistake NOR on purpose constantly, apparently your memory span is barely 2-3 chapters in a 130 chaper story.
Honestly the story is getting so muddled, mixed and incoherent already that the only plotline still vagualy making sense is Naruto being Sasuke while Sasuke is Naruto cos... well again Sasu-chan boner as all Naruto fanfic writers i assume. It's always either sasu-boner or sasu-hate-boner bashing extravaganza. People just can't either make him a normal character, an enjoyable character or a useful character. Only either a bashfest or uchiha masturbation session.
1/26 c27 GloriouSin
*rolls eyes* Uchiha masturbation incoming. Time to ruin some characters and the plot for the sake of showing of the shittiest most boring bloodline in Naruto. Cos why would you want more cool (pun intended) ie release when you can get some more boring ass sharingan utilised by it's most boring and vanilla user. Sasuke is an incredibly boring and depressing self-insert of Kishamoto. If you want him so bad either make him not be as boring as all fux or give him the place he deserves, far below the level of the unique characters.
1/24 c14 GloriouSin
I would honestly be fine with a story about Sakura going mad with power. Sounds like the most original idea on the site. Or Sakura being really in love with Sasuke's eyes *makes snake noises*; "Somewhere in a dark cave the banished sanin finally sneezed for the first time in a fanfic".

Then again maybe no sharingan it seems to already be ruining this story like oh so many...
1/17 c10 GloriouSin
"Maelstrom Potter
Sneaky. Even I thought it would be Sasuke under Kotoamatsuki not Naruto. Nice twist"

Thank you for that review! At least now i know to not even bother. Between this already being an incredible Mangekyo masturbation fanfic now you wanred me that it will be EVEN WORSE.
Imagine being such a garbage of an author that you will call yourself a big corrector of dumb plotholes in ch.1 A/N just to leave mengekyo and all its technique intact and FORCE them into your story despite no one telling you to ;p
Fuck this piece of thrash author for using the most garbage tropes like mind control, insulting to the reader ad infinitum.
1/16 c45 SirBlazee
The omake fr was the highlight of this chapter
1/15 c42 SirBlazee
1/15 c41 SirBlazee
I LOVE THIS CHAP SO MUCH! Also wonder if Rin will get paired with one of the genins, it would be weird lol.
Revenge is sweet ya
1/15 c40 SirBlazee
1/14 c39 SirBlazee
1/4 c15 Guest
While I find your explanation reasonable, I still thought that Sasuke needs to be in the same team as Naruto because that way Kurenai will teach two students of Kakashi from canon like Kakashi taught two students of Kurenai here you know.
12/27/2022 c39 2Maelstrom Potter
Sneaky. Even I thought it would be Sasuke under Kotoamatsuki not Naruto. Nice twist
12/19/2022 c9 2Deredskert
Inoichi San
12/19/2022 c4 dastewie2012
Wait so is this tonerei from the movie?
12/12/2022 c9 GloriouSin
Wow. Just... yeah this story takes suspension of disbelief to an even higher level then OG Naruto.
In og Naruto you at least could feel that just maybe, contrary to what seems, the Kamui MAYBE has some weakness and thats why Obito can't just... well... win easily since he clearly is literally undefeatable here cos -no plotholes- (good joke, you plucked some but created 1000 more in turn; you can go fucking gluing plotholes, you need to erase the underlining reason for them; eg: erase obito as a character, or even better mangekyo and all its techniques cos they all ruin the story by being op plothole garbage that demand retarded ammount of suspension of disbelief)

Honestly couldnt bother reading, Naruto is near non-existant and is just... canon, no changes, still shitty at everything just for different reasons. Mokuton seems to be flowing like a river so yay great everyone has op skills except the main hero and.,.. what im supposed to belive he has a chance to win? ;p comical. This is going to be retelling of all what makes canon Naruto bad the same ammount of new bad. What's the point? Who enjoys this? ;p Might as well go watch Naruto, here it's just gonna be a joke when Obito loses after what he is shown to be capable of, cos no one would lose with his powers, especially with 0 opposition and thats how he starts off. Insinuating the villain gets defeated after giving him so many madly op powers AND PROVING IN STORY THAT HE CAN IN FACT 100% UNDOUBTLY ABUSE THEM is just insulting the reader.

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