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for Codename: Kids Next Door in Operation TEST

2/5/2003 c2 9neosun7
Wow! That all happened kind of sudden! Oh well! Teams from Russia, Australia, Japan, and Canada too! Cool idea! Can't wait until the next chapter! Bye now!


PS- All of your story is smashed into one or two paragraphs. If you press return twice between each paragraph, it won't smash together. Bye again!
2/5/2003 c2 Wallington M. Simpson Jr
This is little more than an outline! You jump from a historic moment(four KND teams joining forces) to just having them materialize in the DCfDtL's headquarters and into a confrontation. You have to add more dialogue and detail.
2/4/2003 c1 199Usami
Hey, that was too short! Please write more!

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