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9/13 c4 TBWL713
It's very convenient that anyone with magic can transfigure and duplicate anything but Harry can't duplicate a simple muggle coin or piece of paper. I get why you wanted him to not have it too easy but having him be incapable of such an easy piece of magic because "it wouldn't come out just right for some reason" is not a good reason.
9/13 c3 TBWL713
"Only this threat had always been there, surrounding them, outnumbering them one to one hundred million."

In 1998, the population was 6,000,000,000 (6 Billion).

6,000,000,000 (6 Billion) / 100,000,000 (100 Million) 60.

Only 60 wizards in the world? No one expects it to be exact but that was not the best guess lol.
9/2 c25 tonzo
Awesome, dark, heavy, majestic snd I want to read more. Loved it.
8/29 c25 Guest
good story
8/5 c25 2D72
Thank you for explaining your original vision, and not spoiling what we will see in future.
When an author suddenly says "4 more chapters to go!" I feel disappointed, like the ending has been preempted by the announcement.
8/5 c24 D72
Well, Seargeant Barnes certainly is consistent.
8/3 c14 D72
Stark's Mescaline tour is going to lead to Harry turning these hydra punks into a BOX OF SCRAPS.
8/3 c13 D72
Star Trek tried to do a temporal war and it was stupid and lame.

Yours is terrifying. And I say that in the most complimentary way possible.
8/3 c10 D72
Howard Stark's Magical Mescaline tour

Howard Stark and the ARCane Reactor

Howard Stark and this is NOT the worst thing you've caught me doing

Howard Stark and Holy Shit Peggy signed off on this!
8/3 c9 D72
I'm a little perplexed Harry doesn't at least learn basic muggle first aid. He wrapped ribs earlier, but hasn't bothered learning how to do things properly. Peg sure as hell could see to it he gets at least a quick field guide to it.

Other than that, I very much like how Harry met Bucky.
8/3 c8 D72
You write a world. You really do.
8/3 c4 D72
New York doesn't really have many alleys, despite what Marvel would have you think.

I guess the WBNYC has tons of 'em.

8/3 c1 D72
I dig it. SPN death was so fun.
6/16 c25 Tseiqyu
Wish ffnet wouldn't regularly just stop working and actually send alerts
6/6 c25 Sahan
One of best fanfiction I read in this 5 years of reading fanfiction, I can't wait for next book
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