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10/28 c23 imerldarosemathew
I liked the story and can't wait for more!
10/27 c5 OllyOllyOxycontin
10/27 c4 OllyOllyOxycontin
Does this get better? It's brutally boring watching Harry blunder about. It also doesn't help how killing Voldemort now conveniently would make a very dangerous future. Ugh.
10/25 c23 DudeBroMan
I've been keeping up with this story for quite some time, and I somehow missed your last update. That being said, your decision to have Harry kill the president in front of the entire world is bold, unexpected, and absolutely amazing. While I would've loved to have a Harry redemption arc, seeing where you go with this story will be an absolute treat. Great work, thank you for continuing such a wonderful story. I hope you and yours are doing well during these times.
10/21 c6 Books85
What, what? Von Struker of Hydra interacting with Kingsley Shacklebolt? Didn't Von Stukers machinations take place in the '40s?

In the 1940s where Harry currently is, does Grindelwald advise Hitler, or has Harry changed realities as well as times?

Probably I will see in the next few chapters. I hope so, anyway. Thank you for the distraction just now.
10/20 c6 Armiture
I had thought the mysterious older man was Erik Lehnsherr AKA Magneto but when he mentioned being a doctor I started to wonder if it was Dr. Erskine and it turned out to be so. The thought of Harry with super-soldier formula in him is mind-boggling.
10/20 c1 Armiture
I liked how your Hallows origin story tied into the bits of canon and explains how one of the Peverels would want to marry into the Slytherin family. If they were three brothers in necromancy, they would see nothing wrong with being Slytherin.
10/16 c23 Zoltan-Atreyu
gotta say im surprised at the direction this story is going but i have to say that it is very good and would love to see more chapters soon
10/2 c23 mygreenshoelaces
ohohohoooo this is so good i love this story so much! i was so happy to see that you updated it! I hope you continue writing it!
9/29 c23 7ishikeshi ayay
Wow i read this on AO3 and trying to open an account so i can bookmark. Then i found this here so i can follow this one. I love the story. Can't wait to know what happen next.
9/27 c23 Talonwalker
Great story! Looking forward to more!
9/27 c23 Natman717
Ummmm, wow my mind bamboozled me. I completely thought that Harry was going to kill the Hydra squad and not the president. I thought he broke out of the conditioning and decided that the hydra people were enough for him to satisfy his heart. But, guess i was wrong, not sure how harry is going to end up a good guy in the end, but more likely i guess him and Bucky are going to go hide in wakanda for a while
9/21 c2 1Lord Barinthus
Holy shit! Talk about a cliffhanger!
9/21 c1 Lord Barinthus
This story sucked me in with just the first chapter. That ending line was hilarious, by the way. And this is one of the most interesting and original origin stories for the Deathly Hallows that I’ve come across. Can’t wait to read more!
9/20 c23 Kloness
Yvvhvvkvukbbhgfxfdchgvgh it was so exhilarating reading this
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