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for Prometheus Bound

4/26 c23 3Sparksofrandomness
I love how dark this turned
Absolutely amazing, pls tell me this is still ongoing
4/18 c23 Guest
good sor
3/10 c23 3Phimaea
This is brilliant; please update soon!
3/10 c7 rssilva1017
Harry is just being a coward and annoying little b**** for the past 5 chapters it just getting repetitive. However, I liking the concept and where the story heading too. So, good job on story development and building the story backgrounds.
2/23 c6 18Per ardua ad astra
I wonder I might be wrong, but I think penicillin was first used to treat people in 1942. Is this afterwards?
2/17 c23 Mikemadrox
Omg please finish this. its wonderful.
2/7 c15 1lilgarcia999999
This has to be the first book in my life to make me gasp at some sort of twist and seeing Diggory there certainly was a shock to me. Its not that i don’t expect it from hmm but that it was just so out of my realm of possibilities that it really caught me by surprise
2/7 c1 Guest
Just wrong kind of story !
Like harry don't have brain of his own had all that cosmic powers and didn't use it.
2/6 c4 FriggleBerry
I fucking hate time travel, I hope this story does it well
1/25 c23 NoSkill4me
Worthwile read.
Personally I hate the breaking chapters, thats just not what my kind of story.
The rest is really good though.
Would love to see some kind of reaper of souls scene (like in the diablo trailer where malthael kills everyone).
1/24 c1 NoSkill4me
First chapter looks good, love that you got deaths style from supernatural, looking forward to reading this story
1/20 c23 Zoruatrainer66
Great story so far.
1/19 c23 Les Walrus
Wow! Amazing chapter I'm practically sitting on the edge of my seat reading it. I'm so glad the pace of the story picked up and you are definitely not pulling any punches with the past few chapters. I cant wait to read the next chapter!
1/17 c23 9SilverLightning26
You can't just leave it there like that! Dang it, I want to see Harry and Bucky and Steve meet back up and have all their programming come unraveled. I want to see, maybe not a happy ending, but an acceptable one at least. Please update again soon!
12/29/2020 c23 1kittyranma
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