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for The Disappearance of Osana Najimi

1/6 c1 Guest
Although the premise is interesting, I can't really see this story work as it is. Kyon would never just keep quiet about something like this just with a threat (remember this is the same guy who didn't hesitate to threaten Yuki's boss (a superpowerful alien entity if nobody else remembers) in the case said Alien boss erased Yuki at the end of the fourth LN. Futhermore, there is no way that Yandere-chan would simply let a witness escape. While I find the idea of the SOS brigade investigating Ayano's murders interesting and with a lot of potential (remember the whole summoning demons from a different dimension mechanic. Haruhi would go NUTS over something like that) and grammar and vocabulary wise is pretty good (as far as I can tell as I am not a native English speaker) this first chapter doesn't really portray these two characters well. I recommend you to revise your source material again.
6/14/2017 c2 8HashtagJustMonika
5/29/2017 c2 14Pokeevee57
Well... another girl that likes Yamada. I can totally see where this could go... this crossover is really good. And poor Kyon. He is extremely lucky that he wasn't killed.
2/9/2017 c2 9RougeIsRed
A mystery worth solving is a story worth following!
10/15/2016 c1 Derox-1223
Wow, surprisingly good. Nice work.
10/15/2016 c1 Alfonso Ling
A very interesting setup. Can't wait to see where Yandere-chan takes this. Let the carnage begin!

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