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for If Today Was Your Last Day

9/4 c3 Guest
Great story
11/6/2019 c3 Marian Simonetti
Short but well done...
7/22/2018 c1 1somebody's sister
Great story! I loved it..
10/20/2016 c3 lenail125
Love this... love those 2...
10/19/2016 c3 1detectivejiju
Awesome story! Loved it. :)
10/17/2016 c3 37Wenwalke
Loved the hurt Steve and worried Danny. Thanks for sharing.
10/17/2016 c3 3jlopie
Good job! You write Steve and Danny very well! I enjoyed this little number.
10/17/2016 c3 Long Live BRUCAS
short but it was good. Would of loved to hear Danny integrate Morris though. Show that he can be bad a a** too.
10/17/2016 c3 stefrosacarnevale
An amazing chapter update
10/17/2016 c3 19Cubit2
Awww, love the worried, angsty, caring Danny. He's adorable.
10/16/2016 c2 Long Live BRUCAS
Good thing for the team looking into Morris and finding something. Hopefully an ambulance will get there in time. Kono and Chin have to get this guy.
10/16/2016 c2 Texas50Fan
Ok what a chapter! I am glad Danny and the team find Steve but it can't be too late! We know if something happens to Steve Danny will lose it. So Steve will ok in time right ? I can't wait till the next chapter soon hopefully! Fan in Texas
10/16/2016 c1 12JazzieG
It rarely goes well when the ohana have to work with an outsider, especially if one of them is playing for the bad guys!
10/15/2016 c1 Long Live BRUCAS
Is this going to be a death fic.?

\Hmm. Working with someone else. That will make the team a bit uneasy. They know how the others thinks and works. Someone else wont like the way they do things. Especially the way Steve does things.
10/15/2016 c1 19Cubit2
Looks like this promises to be another clever plot from you. Looking forward to more.

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