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4/29/2017 c1 Cyber-Kanochi
Please continue soon
I love this story
10/23/2016 c1 Dreadful love
Alexander Richard Jones
He has charm which is very powerful and can only be used during times of dire need it can put several people under your control. During the Civil War America was incapacitated with pain and Alexander stayed with him the entire time and any time a state came to see Alfred he put them under which charm deemed dire.
His spirit animal is an eagle.
10/23/2016 c1 Dreadful Love
Washington D.C/Alexander Richard Jones.
Editon- means 'Standing as a sacred object' in Native American Omaha.
Alexander is not as sweet and innocent as some of his other siblings. He is not a good person he is deceptive and will pull you in to a web of lies and if you are you will just want more. At first glance he seems like a gentle, polite, young Mayan with everyone's best interests in mind, but then he reveals himself. He knows how to get you to love him, to think that he is pure and amazing. He is a genius who knows always is trying to find the best way to take over the world. It is his dream. He has a lust for power and dangerous ambition. He's patient which is good in his line of work. He doesn't love his 'siblings' but he'll pretend for America. The only one he truly cares about in this world. America loves to think that Alex is pure, but he doesn't know about Alex and Alex will make sure he never knows. When he becomes angry you run. Fast. Because you have unleashed one of his well kept secrets, that being his anger. Nobody can know and he will actually kill you to keep it a secret. He is not above attacking his 'siblings' either. He is fiercely protective of America.
Alex takes the form of a nineteen-year-old man. He has dark brown hair that is more often than not slicked back. He has honey brown eyes with a gentle softness to them hiding many secrets. His skin ton is sun-kissed with just a dusting of freckles on the nose. His body is willowy being that he is so tall and skinny, but also strong. He has more than a few burns and bullet scars and even scar from when he was stabbed.
His outfit is a simlpe blue button up with the sleeves rolled up and dark jeans both wrinkle free. He also wears black shoes. And he has a gold locket with a picture of him and Alfred.
He is afraid of fire because of the burning of the White House and of his secrets being found out.
He loves classical music, reading, figuring out ways to rule the world, America.
He hates the states, all the countries specifically England, losing control of his temper.
He has charm, Which is very powerful and can only be used in times of dire need
10/23/2016 c1 Sidda
Bitch YASSSSSS! It's finally here and I am so excited! Yaasss
10/15/2016 c1 1ElricGurl
I've been waiting for THIS!~
Oh and uhh
State of North Carolina
Nickname: The Tar heel state or the Old north State
Human Name: Charlotte Pine Jones
Part of the bible belt
Birthday: November 21, 1789
Courteous: Never
Risk-Taking: Rarely
Ambitious: Typically
Curious: Never
Self-Controlled: Usually
Nurturing: Sometimes
Trusting: Generally
Honest: Generally
Loyal: Usually
Affectionate: Often
Romantic: Occasionally
Flirty: Occasionally
Sympathetic: Often
Altruistic: Occasionally
Optimistic: Occasionally
Observant: Usually
Logical: Never
Social: Somewhat solitary
Emotions: Very stable
She is almost never sarcastic.
She is annoyed by people prone to rearranging things.
She is prone to fidgeting with things when anxious.
She compulsively counts things.
She collects things relating to card games.
Speech pattern: A normal american accent if not with a twang of southern mixed into it.
Her Sentences Usually start with ‘Hey.’
"Cut it out" often appears in her speech.
Does not Have a great deal of patience.
Filming, archaeology, needlepoint, postage stamps, and Baking.
Her skills include boxing, horseback riding, and pyrotechnics.
Eye Color/Shape: Almond shaped eyes. The color ranges between Hazel green and brownish hazel green.
Outfit: Jeans and a tshirt, With sneakers. They vary in color as she has multiple of them. Does own a few sundresses in which she goes to church in.
Hair Dark brown hair and it is keep in a short ponytail.
Skin Color: Pale white, if not a tint of tan.
Scars: Like her sister South Carolina she has a long scar down her back from her shoulder to her hip.
Piercings: Only two, ear piercings on matching sides.
Relationships: Georgia and South Carolina are her sisters if not anyone else.
10/15/2016 c1 1Mywinx14
I would like nabraska please because Elizabeth rose jones is ready

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