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1/3 c19 Guest
I had very mixed feelings about this chapter cause it felt like a complete 180 turn on everyone's personality. Ace and Quinn should have had an earlier confrontation given how he's raised and the resentment he carries. And Quinn needs a wake up call. But the way Crocus POV on antagonist view was written was very good it made me hate Quinn that quick. Looking forward but not so much. We'll have to see
1/1 c19 Azulweeb
I don’t know what to write lmao but i love the update and happy new year by the way!
12/24/2020 c18 Guest
This one of the most brilliant fanfics I've read. I was worried it was going to be Mary sue but hell no the character development and plot *chef's kiss*
But I think Quinn has wayyyyy more potential in her devil fruit. Like boa Hancock level. Here is a vague concept of love that gives a impression on Aphrodite. She can shoot arrows from hearts. Luck can be like not just power exchanges but switching someone's luck with some elses or even being able to perceive luck or chance in some extra sensory perception. Like Nike (goddess of victory) or even Tyche (the goddess of fortune). But it's so good. Too good. I hope to see this fanfic completed to the end.
12/21/2020 c18 5Nightingales Fall
Spice is a badass. And Ace and Quinn dancing is adorable. I love them and I love this fic it's amazing! can't wait to see where you take things now that they've reached the Grand Line!
12/19/2020 c18 Azulweeb
12/18/2020 c18 magnumopposum
ace and quinn are so cute ! anjd spice is so cool and smart

andd laboooonn
12/18/2020 c17 magnumopposum
:( ace needs to talk to people !
12/18/2020 c16 magnumopposum
sabo !

an the bounties ! i like how you had the discription of them be all wrong and stuff, its funny
12/18/2020 c15 magnumopposum
oh no ! ppoor Qyinn and the mime is so scary ! ouch ouch ouch her arm and oooh i hope she feels better
12/18/2020 c14 magnumopposum
oh noo! hope its okay !
12/18/2020 c13 magnumopposum
333 good !
12/18/2020 c12 magnumopposum
:) new guy seems cool ! also ooh cliffhanger
12/18/2020 c11 magnumopposum
aces failee fire fist was funny ! liked itt
12/18/2020 c10 magnumopposum
owie poor ace...poor katsura... good chapter thou rly intresting so far
12/18/2020 c9 magnumopposum
aWW this was so sad ! also good art, just checked it out
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