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4/20/2017 c2 8uffauffauffa
LEAH committed suicide. His pain and loneliness had become too unsustainable for his fragile shoulders. In the end they are all sad and for the first time really understand, like Jacob who used LEAH to feel better and for not to see what really happened. And what about Paul who seems to have not had the imprinting in your story. Otherwise he would not say those things about the girls in the package. He is happy that LEAH is dead because he will no longer suffer. In your story I like it because it snaps at the exact moment Sam stands up to make his speech. And he does good to do so as long as he has only seen hypocrisy on hypocrisy. Only now that she is dead they realize all the evil that they and fate did to LEAH? I would of say no, why he accused to all that he still does not care about her at the end. They only count their girls and themselves. And Sam's reaction is a demonstration. I do not love Emily, but in the second chapter of your fan fiction, she I liked it. His excuses are real and trues. He did not want to hurt LEAH in any way and at the same time he did not manage to not do not it. The imprinting this time did not win, at least on Emily.
Thank you for reading my story and sorry for the bad translation.
4/20/2017 c1 uffauffauffa
Hello. Very strong language. I struggle to see LEAH who badly answers Emily and Sam despite all her pain, she still loves them. And it is the love she has for them that makes her choose to make her bridesmaid to her cousin. In your story, we find Emily, the sweet Emily (she must have been bred by the Hearts Bears) asking her cousin to be part of her happiness. Terrible what's asking her. Although they have been friends since childhood, Emily does not realize that LEAH has lost the love of her life. I also find disgusting the way she asks her: shy, pudic, modest... sugary to nausea. And LEAH bursts. She not bear more all that hypocrisy. The the them story whole is orrible. But nobody sees this and they do not even want to see. No one wants the truth and that imprinting is subtle (from the Christian Meyer would have expected me better). That somehow their relationships are also wrong. Their response against the LEAH's is terrible. At begin with by Sam who hates his ex. Jared is terrible reproaching she Harry's death and the fact that Emily is the perfect woman, while LEAH is not even that. In the end, she are guilty of everything when she have no fault. But she is only because everyone, at starts with his family, are pro Emily, Sam, herd, old. Loneliness and lack of love push her to choose a tragic end.
Beautiful chapter, I not can, not cry.
Sorry for the bad translation.
12/27/2016 c2 2Aiyanna Clearwater
Paul or Jacob should've called out Jared for putting the final nail in Leah's "coffin". At least Sue would've known what finally pushed her baby girl over the edge!
10/16/2016 c1 cheshire15
Wow, they are seriously blaming her. Wtf?! Please do an epilogue that shows the aftermath and their reactions. Poor Leah.

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