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3/1/2017 c3 79Triscribe
Hah! I wondered if you'd have a chapter with the mirror box technique in it.
Gotta sign off now, but I guarantee I'll be back tomorrow to finish reading this - first three chapters get double thumbs up, so I look forward to seeing what you have in store for Keith and the final installment!
2/3/2017 c6 10VIKAN
Great story everyone was so incharacter your characterizations were flawles! Amazing job and thank you so much for writing this !
2/3/2017 c6 crwild
This is by far one of the best Fanfics I've read and certainly one of the best I've seen in a long time. This is a real gem, I never expected someone to be able to write the characters so well. It makes me curious, the chapter with Lance and Shiro was probably my favorite but they were so close as a tie honestly. Still I was really taken by Lance's actions and responses. I wondered how the others would react to Shiro drowning like that and I wondered -would you ever consider writing some of the chapters from the other characters perspectives?

Anyways, again really fantastic fanfic and it's definitely one of my favorites. Totally blown away.
1/31/2017 c6 13TheRedScreech
What a wonderful fic! You've got a real talent for conveying emotion. I really liked this one! :)
1/30/2017 c6 78Rookblonkorules
Holy wow! This whole thing was amazing. I especially loved this last chapter. Seeing Shiro getting all protective over his team is something I greatly enjoy. :D
And Keith, you poor baby. All that pain! So glad he's being looked after now.
1/29/2017 c6 2Everlily Emrys Holmes
Wow I just went through and read all of your Voltron stories, they're awesome! I absolutely love them, and I hope to see more in the future! Thanks for this!
1/23/2017 c6 16Black Friar
Okay, so this, THIS baby of a chapter is my absolute, total and utter favourite of the bunch. But you knew that was coming, right? I mean the H/C in this chapter was off the charts! And Shiro was just so freaking BADASS taking care of his team, I was punching the air while I was reading and squealing 'you go, Shiro' (no really, I WAS). I've actually reread this chapter about four times because it was just that good. I like that it was the reverse of the previous chapters where Shiro was hampered by his arm in some way, but in this he used it to save his team. Also, was it deliberate that you had him rescue the team in the same order as the previously written chapters?

Anyway, moving onto the details. I thoroughly enjoyed Shiro pushing himself to his limits in order to protect his team because that was the Shiro I feel in love with in season 1 (I thought he was a little bit weaker in S2). His desire to protect his team drove him to almost superhuman feats of endurance - which is a trope that makes my little fangirl heart go pitter-patter with excitement.

I really enjoyed seeing how brave the (conscious) team members were, despite the situation and their injuries. And I loved seeing them care for each other; Lance pulling Pidge out, Hunk placing Pidge's head on his legs so she would be more comfortable, and then manning the radio even though he was injured (I loved that bit about him calming down once he had a job to do as it felt very Hunk).

As for Keith. That whole cauterization scene. Holy CRAP! That was some serious whump! Of course, sick bunny that I am, I drank up every minute of it! In all seriousness though, that was a seriously well written section both seeing Keith's fight to stay alive and Shiro pushing hismself to do something he absolutely despises in order to save his friend. Have I said already how much I love their friendship? Yes? Sorry, I'm still saying it again! That scene was just so gruesome and heart-stopping. AWESOME use of tension.

Last, I really loved Shiro's reflections on how this was their first real defeat and yet he was so proud of the team for how they handled it. I just thought it was a nice touch and a great way to finish this five times fic which had a really great original idea anyway. Kudos, Karma, I bow to you on this one.
1/23/2017 c5 Black Friar
I think this is an interesting concept, that Shiro can hurt a team member with his Galra arm, purely because he's not completely in control/aware of/knows enough about it just yet. After all, he didn't even know he could activate it to heat seeking until they were on that Galra ship looking for the prisoners in episode 1. Not to mention his memory loss from his time as a prisoner - its highly plausible there's a lot he doesn't fully comprehend about the arm.

In fact, it has to be said, the whole purpose of this story is an interesting concept because its not something I've really thought too much about. Shiro has a metal arm was pretty much the bulk of my thinking before reading this, but I like how you've used this story to highlight its advantages and disadvantages.
1/23/2017 c4 Black Friar
So this is my second favourite chapter in this story because well...Keith! :D But also, I do really enjoy seeing Keith and Shiro interact on the show and I would love to know their history because they clearly knew each other from before Voltron. I really like that you alluded to this in this chapter. Also, I really like how you write Keith...and how Shiro views him (the line about him being just as stubborn as Pidge when he's in the right mindset was great). He feels very in character and I love that even though he's not a mechanic, he's still quick enough to guess what the problem is with Shiro's arm. Plus, him turning to give Shiro a look (like he'd give Lance!) was such a great moment of humour in the middle of the serious moment.
1/23/2017 c3 Black Friar
I really like that Pidge got the most psychological chapter as that girl is an amazing brain! I love the way she started in with Shiro, by getting him to wiggle fingers etc, etc, just like an actual Doctor would. And then she was clever enough to instantly realize that if it wasn't physical, then it must be psychological. I guarantee none of the others would have been so quick to come up. with phantom pain.

Oh yeah, and this "You're the one insisting we need to look out for each other all the time. You don't get to be exempt just because you're the leader" was just about the best thing she could have said to Shiro because 1. true and 2. lets see him argue with logic! :D
1/23/2017 c2 Black Friar
"What? Hunk, the idea is to blow stuff up after we're off it!"

ROTFL! Oh, Lance, that sounds EXACTLY like something you would say on the show. Just loved that whole little exchange, it was golden. You have a great handle on the whole team's characters.

Also, I love your attention to detail - little things like the short description of the rig, the battle and then having Shiro fall paint a nice picture for the reader to visualise (kind of like you did with the opening chapter actually).

And I loved Lance's lecture to Shiro after he rescued him (that crack about the makers of his Galra arm not having olympic backstrokes in mind was just perfectly timed and SO Lance).
1/23/2017 c1 Black Friar
Great opening chapter. I especially like the scene you opened with! The image of the team covered in alien mud traipsing back to the castle bickering made me laugh. I just felt it was very true to what an experience like that would be, especially considering some of the team's personalities (looking at you Keith and Lance!).

But, Shiro, my man, your thinking is flawed. You can't take care of the team if your arm isn't working so you kind need to let them take care of you, k?

I loved how Hunk convinced him to let him help. It was so gentle and unobtrusive and totally in line with his personality from the show. Also nice to see them both engaging since they don't usually do that.
1/3/2017 c6 whats0that
Geez this fic is seriously truly amazing. You did an amazing job with EVERY part, and all the paladins Allura and Coran. And this chapter, when Shiro saved everyone and yess it was great. And you managed to incorporate how Shiro felt after each one. Srsly bro I love u for this
11/19/2016 c1 Avocado at Law
I keep forgetting to go back and mention this since I didn't in my other review, but I noticed that in the last chapter, Shiro found and helped the paldins in the order that they helped him in the previous chapters. First it was Hunk, then Lance and Pidge, then Keith. Was that intentional? If it was, then well done, because that is brilliant! :D
11/11/2016 c6 34Mists
*Applause* Amazingly well written, thought out, and powerful! Incredible job all around.
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