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10/25/2020 c3 14Dimac99
I adore this. I love that you made Nicole a kind and sympathetic character. I never liked the way Luke treated her - although we knew he never intended to be cruel, it was weak of him to string her along like he did instead of just ending things. And the way Max inadvertently turned everything around on Luke was great.
2/20/2018 c3 Marina Kitchen
This was great! I love that the conversations with Max and Nichole are what brought them back together. I also wanted towt you know I really appreciate your list of LL fics on tumblr, I’ve really been enjoying working my way through each episode, especially season 7! Thank you!
1/11/2017 c3 patrizisbored
If only this couldve happened
11/5/2016 c3 13what-if-joana
Ah, so happy to see an update for this story. It's heart-warming and for some reason I was a little teary in the beginning. It was great. The code-word the came up with is hilarious. It was a great story, thanks for sharing it. (:
11/5/2016 c3 3KnightInShiningFlannel
Awww yay! Loved this ending. So perfect!
10/24/2016 c2 18PurryCat
I think you did an amazing job with finding and expressing the biggest fears and insecurities for Lorelai and Luke in those first two chapters. I find the idea to bring in Max to make a statement about having been threatened by Luke and not Christopher is genius! Luke has this inferiority complex and I just loved that Max asked the questions regarding Lorelai's ability to commit to a romantic relationship, and thus making Luke see that she changed so much for him.
10/24/2016 c1 PurryCat
I love this! First of all, I'm not a fan of one-sided villains, especially not on GG where we mostly get to see both sides to the story, so making Nicole human is great! Everything they talked about, from Luke's commiment phobia to settling was absolutely perfect. In fanfic it's usually Lorelai who gets the blame, that's why I really like that you set that straight. What Luke did to Nicole and Lorelai is definitely a pattern. The counterclockwise comment from Sookie made me LOL.
10/24/2016 c2 16AWPuRpLePoPtArT
in the words of a disembodied voice from a cornfield... if you build it, they will come. if you write the smut they will read, or at least I will! anyways I loved this story with all its little insights and can't wait for your Christmas story, I love stories with Lorelai in the snow...
10/24/2016 c2 43DSLeo
Yes, exactly. "Not him, he iddn't do anything." Yep, apathy is an action, in its own way.
And the illogic of "I have to be a single dad,b /c Lorelai was a single mom"... Errr... He doesn't have an infant, Anna already got the kid to age 13, bit of an apples-oranges sccenario. But Max's take on it? Excellent! It was Luke who stayed out... Not Lorelai... And Max shrugging off Christopher was, actually, seomthing I never considered, but it' strue. To him, Chris was not a factor b/c Chris was not actually there. Luke was... And when he wasn't, gee, Chris did show up (S6, that is). I ramble, but seriously, this was painful to read in one way and spot-on in another.
10/23/2016 c2 fanficfun15
Damn girl, you are good! Love this concept and looking forward to seeing where you take it.
10/23/2016 c2 13what-if-joana
It amazes me what parallels you can draw between Max and Lorelai's relationship and Luke and Lorelai's. They are definitely there. Great chapter!
10/23/2016 c2 Nancy
Very good work here. Nicole - here - seems nice and is a great listener for Lorelai; she also offers really helpful insight. Max is also helpful to Luke. Hopefully both Luke and Lorelai have listened and learned and can rectify their (now) horrible situation. More soon please.
10/23/2016 c2 4JumpingCattleHockey
Excellent counterpoint to the Lorelai and Nicole chapter. I especially love that Max waited till he was proposed to while Lorelai was the one to propose to Luke. Very cool twist. Just noticed this isn't marked as complete yet... heee! ;D

In response to the A/Ns... 1.) bummed I missed that, might've pulled me out of my dry spell. 2.) why is this even a question? yes, duh. 3.) SO NEEDED, thank you for that.
10/23/2016 c2 mheck82
I just have to say how much I love the premise of this story. I was a little iffy at first with the whole involvement of Nicole and Max, but I love how it gets L&L really *thinking* about things in a different way. Can't wait for me.

Smut is always good in my book.

You've succeeded in finally getting me on tumblr, so thanks, haha :)
10/19/2016 c1 celticsketches
This is great! I always love to see completely new story ideas and this is definitely one ive never read before. I never really thought about how similar their situations were until this story. Luke definitely shut Nicole out of his life and didn't include her much with his Stars Hallow world - though that could be explained by their fundamental differences in personality. Anyway, I'm really intrigued by this story and look forward to the next chapter!
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