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for We All Need A Family (Remake)

3/21/2020 c4 lunablack200
I'm in LOVE with this book,I have been reading the other version for like,two weeks now! I thought you'll never finish it but I found this and I literally yelled "OH MY GOD" out loud at the middle of the night! I'm SO happy,you are so talented please don't stop!
1/30/2017 c4 Guest
Good really good, I Just Loved it!
1/7/2017 c4 Kairocksrainbow
What in the world...So much emotions to take in! But my feelings were sadness and worried. Poor Kai and Nya! So much angst...AH THE FEELS! Grrr. My goodness! That was definitely a coaster of emotions! But anyways, Awesome update!
1/7/2017 c3 Kairocksrainbow
That's alright! Hope you update soon!
10/28/2016 c1 Nocturnal Lu
I love this story! but, can I ask why the paragraphs are so small? I'm that kind of person who can't read little paragraphs, but the story is still amazing! please keep up the good work and please update soon!
10/23/2016 c2 Emily
Keep up your good work! Can u give me a shoutout plz xD Not forcing but just got cancer and had to get head shaved. It would make my day! 3
10/20/2016 c2 Kairocksrainbow
Yay an update! Loved it! Omg...Poor Kai. :( Cutting, cutting and more endless cutting! Don't cut Kai! Tell that to my girl character Star...
Star(cutting herself with a knife):Huh?
KRR:Nothing! You and Kai should be cutting buddies...
KRR:You heard nothing man. You didn't hear a thing. Oh! I almost forgot to mention...Dude. next chapter. Add some Kai x Cole bromance fluff. XD Jk. Don't have to do it if you don't want. See ya!
10/17/2016 c1 Kairocksrainbow

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