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10/7 c57 soodarling
C’est tellement mignon NaruSaku forever ils sont faits pour être ensemble, je suis content que tu aies choisis ce couple dans ton histoire. Honnêtement je ne les vois avec personne d’autre, ensemble ils se complètent et s’équilibrent.
9/24 c72 Pinumbit
Love it too much. Nuff said. Great stuff!
9/24 c64 Pinumbit
Yessss! "Someone like me" is exactly why NaruSaku should have been canon! Kishimoto disregarding Kushina's dying wish just like that is so much disrespect to the wonderful character that she was.
9/24 c49 Pinumbit
Oh boy. I live for SasuHina having more drama than NaruSaku. Loljk I love drama either way, but SasuHina being more dramatic is something I never thought I'd like to see.
9/24 c44 Pinumbit
Nooooo Itachi is dying again! Itachi is a precious person!
9/23 c28 Pinumbit
I'm hyped at the tease for the Hiraishin.
9/23 c8 Pinumbit
I love that team Pain is acquainted with Obito. Well, seeing that Obito is too much like Naruto, I guess he would have been taken in under Jiraiya's guidance.
9/23 c6 Pinumbit
Oh boy, I love confident Hinata. Idk why, but shy girl Hinata was never my cup of tea. Hinata from Road To Ninja and Tenten's Tsukuyomi dream is definitely more like it. Love the story so far. Villain!Kakashi is a big twist too.
8/30 c26 1natenewtowriting
I sense Dominic Toretto memes in this chapter
7/15 c20 beta tester beater
omg she got something in her oven
7/15 c1 beta tester beater
I already love this
5/27 c37 Guest
No lemon?
3/28 c1 ShiSued
is kakashi dead or evil?! Noooooo
2/3 c1 Francisco Ramos
This is ass
1/20 c72 Harshil
This was even better than the original story! Wish this was made into an anime
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