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10/19/2016 c1 TaraSindar
This story is very sweet.
10/19/2016 c1 66Sophia the Scribe
Super cute! I love your stories about the Vala; not enough people write them! Good job :).
10/19/2016 c1 9May Arisa
YES YES SO CUTE AND FLUFFY 3 Please write more newborn!Maia-meets-Vala fics!
10/19/2016 c1 4AredhelWD
10/18/2016 c1 12OneUniqueWriter
This is so adorable! Loved it!
10/18/2016 c1 Guest
Ohhh this is so soft and lovely. I adore stories about the bond between the valar and the maiar, as well as ones about young maiar, so I can't wait to see what you do next!
10/18/2016 c1 7SaphiralovesTolkien
Little Eonwe cuddling with Manwe!
Just kill me with fluff now...so fluffy!
I want more!
Must have more!
10/18/2016 c1 40Silvara
Sorry, typo: I meant to write I'm not much of a fan of the parent-child take because I find it too limitationg and out of topic regarding their very nature.
10/18/2016 c1 Silvara
Daw... this story stole my heart too... Say...will it be newborn fea!Maiar or newborn Maiar with an infant body? I'd rather ask before because I'm much if a fan of classical, I mean human like filial bond between Valar and Maiar. I like to see Maiar as independent and intelligent beings completely free to give their alegiance to the Valar they want.
10/18/2016 c1 12Relena Duo
Can't wait for more of this!
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