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12/28/2020 c28 Pyak2
Awesome. Love the direction you’re taking the series into Breaking Dawn re-imagined, especially with this tighter focus on Edythe.
12/28/2020 c27 Mysterious
Beau’s behavior here almost makes up for the insulting hesitation he had when Edythe first introduced the idea, haha. Nevertheless, great work as always
12/27/2020 c20 MrMook13
I love these. You have no idea how grateful I am that you went through and compiled these, carrying forward the original plot points with your tasteful and welcomed adjustments. I’m a little late to the party, but thanks.

Also, this isn’t a critique of you or how you wrote Beau, as I think you’ve been consistent with who he is as a character, but imagine being with someone like Edythe and feeling reluctant to throw her a gigantic and lavish wedding to show everyone you both know that you choose her forever.
2/24/2020 c25 1Ceddrwyn
I recently found these series of stories. I certainly have been enjoying them but now I am very excited for what you have done with Brandon/bree. I have no idea what you have planned for him as I just now read this chapter but I am hoping somehow it involves the Cullen having their own set of wonder twins with beau and Brandon. I will eagerly continue with the series.
8/30/2019 c28 Harry Potter Sr
So went trough with eclipse.
I think I like it more now then the real twilight story . I just think it all works better with Beau, Edythe and Jules then with Bella, Edward and Jakob, at least for me. Even if there still seems to be trouble on the horizon. I like their personalities more and I like being in Beau's head more then in Bellas.
But at the same time I like the real Cullens a bit more then the gender swapt form. Especially I kind of miss Alice and Emmett. I even miss the old wolf pac. Maybe the best balance, for me, would be, if only the three main characters were to be gender swapt .
But I really liked your work and could never understand your insecurity about the chapters. They were all totally fine! I especially liked the time you could see Beau act different and better then Bella. I always was like: Yeah! Go for it my boy!
Maybe, as a new Projekt, you could write your reimagined stories after breaking down in edythe view? I mean you probably tought so much about Edythe thoughts while writing, so why not? Well I would be on board!
I will start now with breaking dawn. Can't get enough. I think I kind of really fell for Edythe..
11/19/2018 c27 Sdflky558
I think it would have been interesting to show beau actually asking earnest for approval of wedding before he proposed.. just a thought.
9/4/2018 c1 Guest
Maybe breaking dawn could have more Julie black
Please write a story about Jacob too of course not pairing with Bella or renesmee
9/3/2018 c27 Izumikii
Omg ! The proposal ! That was so sweet ! It’s exactly how I would have imagine beau doing it. I’m also so glad the whole thing with Jules is resolved . She’s awesome, but I’m much happier with her being a good friend of Beau instead. There’s just something about Edythe and Beau Being together that is so perfect.
8/17/2018 c1 Guest
breaking dawn reimagined asap please . Jules is still in wolf form in woods :(
7/8/2018 c28 YourFuturePrezz
Jesus I love this. I just discovered your fan fiction and you are my saving grace, when Life and Death came out I sped through it and wanted more sooo badly and when I found your versions of new moon and eclipse reimagined i nearly peed myself. You do an amazing job rewriting the story according to the gender swap but still keeping true to the characters and the original plot. I’m excited about where you taking breaking dawn can’t wait to read
5/9/2018 c28 drtenant
after midnight sun do you plan on doing breaking dawn reimagined?!
5/9/2018 c28 OfTheUpperUplands
Ooh, I'm very excited to see where this all leads! And super excited for an Edythe focus! There really isn't any Edward focus in the second half of Breaking Dawn, which I think has always been one of the many issues with the book. I wish we would have seen more of him dealing with shit because we all know he's not that great at dealing with shit.

Edward's quite an annoying character, and sure Bella is not going to mind for the first while but somewhere in eternity she has to start getting annoyed at him or even just start admitting he's wrong in a way that isn't just *sigh, oh well I guess I'll deal with it*.
Bella, I think is the queen of rationalising crazy shit, I love my delusional homegirl.

I'm really really ready for a very different Breaking Dawn, like the crazier the better I'm SO ready and SO excited. Like I'm hoping you go way way off the rails with it.

tbh I'm expecting quality but I'm so invested in this version of story at this point you could probably change the names in My Immortal and I'd still eat it up... but please don't do lmfao
5/8/2018 c28 ColdOnePaul
It sure sounds like the reimagined version of BD will be quite different apart from not being able to have Renesmee since Edythe obviously cannot change with the progression of a pregnancy. Unless magic is somehow involved, which I think is extremely unlikely despite Bella’s crack in the original Eclipse about Angela being a witch when she remonstrated with Edward after her return from La Push. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
5/8/2018 c28 MediaJunkie
Wow I finally just got around to reading the final five chapters after you posted the epilogue last night that was quite a good read and I'm loving it.

your midnight sun reimagined is gonna sound pretty good I'm looking forward to it in addition to breaking dawn reimagined.

im actually thinking this might be put into two parts for the finale of you make it sound like it does have to be separated. I will check out winter sunshine work and this life and birth someone else's said in the review.

summing it up I've got alot of material to keep me occupied for the foreseeable future. keep it up you write amazing stories. this is gonna be a great ride see you in your next chapter!
5/8/2018 c28 Guest
Amazing finish you got me in the edge of my seat. Please update soon
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