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1/3/2019 c1 13River Nightrunner
awesome story! Curie doesn't get enough would be an awesome mom to Shawn and I'm a sucker for the domestic life stories.
7/11/2017 c1 4Metalscale95
i loved it. and agreed, Curie is my Fallout waifu too. At first, piper was my favorite. then i met curie and felt a need to start a new file. to this day, curie is the only one i will romance because of how cute and innocent she acts. and her sense of curiosity is awesome. plus i like the occasional stimpaks. free is always the cheapest. for the story, it was well written and aside from using both Shaun and Shawn when referring to the bot, I can't say much is wrong. i like the bonding moment you get between the two and the kind of character interaction you could expect for two people in that position.
11/13/2016 c1 2kristian454
I have been waiting SO long for fix JUST like this! For the sake of my poor little heart plead make more fics like this.

Due to the brotherhood worship that has consumed this fandom. Synth Shaun and Curie don't get the love they deserve.

As for the actual review, I didn't notice any real issues with grammar or the way it was written. It really did meet all my standards.
11/7/2016 c1 2Bluedragon81
Thanks for a wonderful story, I wish more authors liked writing M!SS/Curie stories. It's one of my favorite FO4 pairings.
Again just thank you
10/29/2016 c1 1WastelandPhantom
Yes, synth waifu is best waifu! I like the thought of Curie and Shaun spending time together and Curie sharing stories of the SS as they traveles the wastes. A lot of potential for a series of one shots and family moments. This was really well written.
10/19/2016 c1 1Computermatronic
I look forward to more stories involving our favorite French robot.

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