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for Men Devouring Men

3/7 c22 xXXQueenOfBlackXXx
hOly sh**! this was amazing! plaese make more!
1/23/2017 c11 Pirateofundead
Whoa! There's a bit of a cliffhanger. Can't wait for an update
12/29/2016 c8 Motionless ghst
Thanks for the update! Happy holidays
11/23/2016 c6 Pirateofundead
Just started/finished reading this. Look forward 2 an update. Wondering what will happen when sweeney and Jamie reunite. Will they ? Could we see some sweeney and lovett action in some form? Really like your writing. Only thing I can think of is perhaps more detail when describing intense scenes, less censorship. But this is great! Hope to see an update
11/15/2016 c1 Motionless ghst
Whoaaaa. Please update! This is nice.
11/8/2016 c1 Sweeney fan
Ah, thank you for the new chapter. Please keep updating. Really love this story! I am looking forward to seeing what's going to happen with sweeney and everything else. Last chapters of the last story were pretty intense. Intense is good. Hoping you continue to write . :)
11/2/2016 c1 Sweeney fan
Please keep updating this story. Good writing. Thanks.

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