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2/1/2021 c5 7twlightbella
7/21/2018 c33 Jxuan
Very nice story! I especially like the pairing of Shirley and Una. Always felt that Shirley had very little page time in the books. I like Jem too, would have loved a little more of him and Faith here. I like how you weave all the characters and their offsprings in the books (and created some new ones) together. Its like reading one huge family all interconnected with each other. I was also pleasantly surprised by Persis (didn't expect it to be her) and Eric (him being Roy's son was quite brillant). Loved that Joyce is alive too and that she found love in the end. Your story spanned quite a number of years. Would have loved to have a final epilogue of Anne and Gil reflecting on their lives and huge extended family after spending like 20 - 30 over years together in marriage - after all it all started with them both; maybe just before their passing? I would imagine they are quite elderly by then. Still, its a nice story that I've enjoyed tremendously. Thank you for bringing that joy to your readers.
3/7/2018 c1 1True Author
This was such a beautiful chapter! It was really amazing to read about Anne and Gilbert’s love from the point of view of their daughter- it’s I’ve never read before around here. Especially the part where Gilbert came home made me smile like crazy. And the reference about him going up two steps at a time was very impactful. Aah those two! They’ve really set the bar high up for us haven’t they? Love love love this chapter!
2/3/2018 c33 23katherine-with-a-k
Twins! But of course. I loved the nervous energy of this story, for a moment you had me worried that perhaps things wouldn't turn out, but no, this is perfect. And so the story of this wonderful family will go on with their children and all is right with the world. Thank you!
2/3/2018 c32 katherine-with-a-k
Oh Kim, you're making me cry. Forgive me but I had forgotten than Una and Shirley never married, and I'm so happy that they are, all these years later. What Una said, I could feel the truth in every word, and the very real and different way they express their love for each other. When she said how she knew she was in love with him in the plane, and began to understand it when she was sick (ha ha, I still chuckle about that) I was in swoons, but that line about how Shirley makes love to her so slowly, ooh la la, that was seriously gorgeous, Kim.
The hair elastic was the perfect touch to this pair. You really are a brilliant writer.
2/3/2018 c31 katherine-with-a-k
Thank you for writing this. I come from Christchurch in New Zealand and we suffered a terrible earthquake too, so I know something of what you feel and that desperate need to help and rebuild. This was beautiful Kim. I love you for never forgetting and for making something beautiful out of such a terrible time. And miracle children for Walter and Persis. I love it!
2/3/2018 c30 katherine-with-a-k
And you finish with a wedding. That talk between Eric and Joyce was wonderful, and I feel like although we have followed the love stories of so many characters and worried for them and smiled for them the love story of Eric and Joyce is the one that makes me happiest of all. I think because while everyone else was having their romantic dramas Joyce was always in the background being kind and patient and so good. You've made a wonderful character in her, and I loved that scene where Anne and Gilbert remember their first days at the House of Dreams and when they conceived Joyce. You made that a happy memory now!
Thank you for such a loving, generous and surprising story. Your twists are truly inspired and always had me guessing to the end.
2/3/2018 c29 katherine-with-a-k
The story of Eric is fascinating. I loved finding out what happened to Roy and I am so said that the loss of Anne affected his so badly and for so long. What a horrible thing for Eric to see as a young man, but then his childhood sounded pretty horrible too. My heart hurt when I read about his birthday and all I can think is how happy he and Joyce found each other. The way he can see the bright side and the best in every situation reminds me so much of Joyce. they really are kindred spirits.
2/3/2018 c28 katherine-with-a-k
Oh my goodness! what a twist! I can't believe this, I can't! Brilliant! Wow!
2/3/2018 c27 katherine-with-a-k
I never thought of that, that almost everyone in your story has known each other all their lives. I can see why Joyce feels like perhaps she should wait too. But I hope they don't!
I loved the way you had the whole family practically filling the cafe, and the music of Walter and Persis playing was the perfect touch. You have so many characters and you know them all so well, it amazes me.
2/3/2018 c26 katherine-with-a-k
Oh wow! What a chapter! Firstly I love all the names you chose for the children. And Anna, especially because that's my name!
Now I have to say something of the genius of this idea, that Persis and Walter come to adopt Ruby. This is such a brilliant idea, it deserves it's own story. That you've made Ruby live on (isn't it also perfect that although they are not natural mother and daughter they look alike?) and given Persis and Walter such joy, and referenced the adoption of Anne, all at the same time. It's just click into place perfect!
1/23/2018 c2 1Andrea1984
I like this chapter, but I don't like the missing thinks like that: "Hello.", said Faith. - For example.
So it's hard for me to read: Is somebody speaking or is it a normal text ?


1/17/2018 c33 Andrea1984
I like this story so much. Sorry for every short review, 'cause my english is not as well as yours.


1/17/2018 c1 Andrea1984
I like this story so much.
1/15/2018 c33 8Catiegirl
Thank you for showing us the way that Joyce supports Eric with his old hurts, that was beautiful that she can make way for doing things differently when he needs it to be done. I loved Anne and Gilbert being there for the birth of their children, and that Eric's parents were acknowledged in the babies' names as well- good coming out of evil in the ancient bitterness, just as it did with Anne and Gilbert. This was a beautiful REALLY end to your story! Congratulations!
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