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7/16 c18 kimchisdelicious
definitely one of my faves! thank you for sharing this masterpiece, hope u'r doing okayi'll wait so take your time.ᵕ
7/24/2020 c18 flyingcircus13
love it. love you. Love how you portary Fon, Renato, and Tsuna"s dynamics. Love the plot and 'plot'. loveeeeee. Please recieve my love and appreciation for you Thank you for writing this awesome fic!
4/22/2020 c18 anon
aaaa i really like reading this story, especially since with the current state of things i can't do much but sit inside the house. please, please, please do continue writing. i look forward to your updates! ah, but i hope you don't feel pressured, we readers can wait. i hope you're keeping safe, author-san.
4/15/2020 c18 1ShayLyss
Hello !

Hope you're doing well with all the stuff going on nowadays !
I discoveted this fanfiction thanks to another author that I love for her Arco27 fanfictions (Little Miss Bunny) and in two days I basically EAT every chapter with a long forgotten pleasure !
The way you write is sooo pleasing, knowing I'm just a young French fangirl who continues to struggle with english, I really enjoyed reading without any issues!
I wom't talk too much but I'm so hyped to see the relationships between Tsuna and The Arco devellopingFon and Ren Verde being already kind of close to Tsuna, I want to see more of the others, Vipee the most ! It's such an unpredictable, a bit strange persona that I'm really curious how it'll go.
I'm kinda sad for Tsuna and Luce at the same time. Tsuna is stuck in a past he barely knows with any chances to get back to his friends and Luce is deprived of his long-time predicted Elements. Still, I'm very cautious about her, will she tudn evil ? Will jealousy push her to arm Tsuna in anywayx ? Like, she's sometimes a bit shadowy, I wouldn't be surprised. But she's also so wise... I don't know !
I'm sorry if it is not well written, i'm so not used to write reviews and it's actually 4am so excuse my poor overworked braincells ushishi

If you're still looking for petnames in French, here someTrésor, (Treasure)
Chéri, (Honey/sweetheart)
(Mon) AmourMy) Love)
,Bébé, (Baby)
Chaton (Kitty)

They're the more common saying I guess, hope it'll help you.

I wish you good luck and I really prey for your wellbeing in this though days !

Mymy ~
4/11/2020 c18 NoboOdY
I'm not really good with reviews or comments but i'll say i love ur writing, and this story and i' too emotionally invested. So yeah congrats, you just killed me and then revived me 10 times over
4/11/2020 c18 Guest
je veux voir plus ! j'aime.
4/7/2020 c18 26Heyli13
hello~ i love your story it's so so goooood, I want more so when will you come back please~ ?
I love so much your story, that I want to translate it!
I really love it...I've read it five times. Don't get tired of it...)
good luck and know we wait for you <3
3/20/2020 c18 3Valen Goncalvez
It was a good chapter, I will look forward to the next update!
2/28/2020 c18 Sakurablossoms
It's strange perhaps a bit of confusing to see a two or three different couple dynamics in a single relationship. Verde is the kind of guy who is workaholic and didn't have time for relationship but an exception is made on Tsuna. Aww :} Renato is a playboy, you're not sure is actually serious but he is or trying to be. Sweet! And Fong is like the guy who is really deicated once he fell in love, basically the Prince Charming type. Cute!
1/21/2020 c18 CheezieBacon
omg I love this story it's so good! a few small grammatical errors but still such a great story that's amazingly written! can't wait for more!
12/31/2019 c18 Guest
Really good story, like the plot and how you have constructed the characters. Please update~
9/27/2019 c1 9Amnesiac Goldfish
I'd give a 10 but the content is a bit SPG. Just a bit I'd settle to 8/10
8/13/2019 c18 Guest
I loved the story I hope the next chapter soon
8/1/2019 c18 Izumikii
Aww so sweet. I love the three of them together.
7/18/2019 c18 Cieloxosky
Really really good love the plot line hope u carry on with this can't wait for an update soon
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