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for Donut Nights 3: Nightmare Night Canoodling

1/11/2017 c4 2Morzan's Elvish Daughter
This was adorable! The whole series.
11/4/2016 c4 1INFUSCATE
... this was great. That's all I need to say.
11/3/2016 c4 25The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
I wonder how much havoc they'll cause with that gift...and if they'll ever go on that double date...

Great story!
11/1/2016 c3 1INFUSCATE
I'm going to keep this one simple, it was beautiful.
10/31/2016 c3 25The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
I guess no hanky-panky for now... ;) ;) ;)
10/29/2016 c2 1INFUSCATE
I got so excited when I saw that this had updated, that I rolled around on the floor like a 3 year old having a sugar rush. Or a seizure, whichever you prefer.

"Fancy Pants nodded. "Quite right." Suddenly a new haunting yet fun dance song started to play from the band. Fancy smiled more. "I say, this is Fleur did lee's favourite song."

1) Fleur de lis' name is spelled like Fleur de lis (Plot Twist!)

2) congratulations on making Fancy sound like a true British gentleman. This is said by someone who's from Britain.

Discord: ..."unless we get caught up in some overly dramatic moment!"
... discord just moved his pawn to E7, that's checkmate for me.

I am addicted to the way you write Discord, please never stop. His "KISSING PRANK GONE WRONG" was hilarious to read, but I could still feel the emotions of the characters. Which is always good. Donut Joe's character was fleshed out even more, as was his relationship with Luna, and their obstacles were very believable and life - like. In the previous chapter I honestly expected Discord to just snap his paw/talon to make Joe immortal when Joe brought up that issue, (I strongly feel like you should do that. As an alternate ending type thing, so we can see how Joe x Luna would've worked if they wee both immortal... or something like that.) Although I find it a bit strange that Luna would only set up a guild for pastry chefs. Granted, there is probably more bakers than actual chefs in Equestria... but still.) I could spent thousands of words waxing rhapsodically over your portrayal of the characters, etc, etc. but "It's important to me to be careful not to 'repeat myself' in terms of how" I comment/review things.

Also, why is Discord x Celestia not on your bio page of favourite couples...? Just wondering. Overall, the story still has the same top - notch quality that I can find in any of your stories. Keep it up!

So, yet again; have a great day/night!


(Ha, I beat my old word high score.)
10/27/2016 c2 25The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
Heh, relationships are very complex :D :D :D

The regalia almost came off, didn't it? ;) ;) ;)
10/25/2016 c1 1INFUSCATE
I have to say... wow! I literally made this account just to tell you how amazing these stories are. I love your portrayal of everyone, especially Luna, and Discord. You seem to really have their characters down. I am, however, a tad miffed at the way that Discord and 'Tia found about the fact that they were dating. I realise that this is your fanfic, and you are the godly writer and I am but a humble reviewer, but it just seemed too... easy, I wanted more long, emotional talks through which they realised their feelings, or some kind of danger that would force them together in a dramatic turn of events... Even Discord to "cheat" and force Celestia to love him by playing of her emotions, and then she would realise she truly loved him. Don't get me wrong, what you have done here is WONDERFULLY STUPENDOUSLY AMAZING, the characters seem to come to life when I read them, Discord, Celestia and Luna are so in character that I can literally read their lines, and imagine their respective voice actor saying them. The plot is great, and I love adorabluna so much it hurts. Also Joe's persona is really cool, and you make him and Luna seem like they would be a really great couple. I particularly like Discord and Celestia's costume. I would kill for a picture of it. So... yeah, this is really a work of art... I noticed some of the sentences could've been more "streamlined", but it just adds to the effect for me. It was almost perfect, aside from how Discord and Celestia found out about the fact that they were dating. But, alas, there is more to come so... who knows? My problem may be resolved. Ye Gods, that's 324 words for a simple review, if only I put as much effort into writing on FIMfiction as I do complimenting people.

Have a great day/night!

10/22/2016 c1 25The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
What? Nightmare Night and no Pip Squeak? ;) ;) ;)

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