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4/25/2021 c15 Guest
Update, please?
2/25/2019 c15 Guest
even without an update this is worth reading twice
4/7/2018 c15 Guest
3/20/2018 c15 WOW
Amazing, ended up reading it in one sitting... and now i want MORE! lol please
3/20/2018 c13 Guest
im getting scared... im two chapters from being caught up and i doubt by some miracle that you will be updating today...
2/13/2018 c15 heleana1
Please update!
10/30/2017 c15 3pipn123
Drama. Loved the memory part and how they both reacted. I hope to see more memories, and how Laura and Bucky react to them. I also hope to see how other avengers especially tony, Steve and Natasha maybe poppy react to them as well. In general I love seeing reaction of people. I also hope to see how the avengers and Bucky would react when they found out more of Laura's back story. I can't thinking how Steve would react if he find out Bucky beating up kid Laura, would he be mad (for beating up children) or not mad (since it's not his fault). Plz do reactions.

I always thought Bucky could be a teacher/instructor/duel partner for Laura if she was created by hydro ( my other candidates were deadpool or sabertooth).

Well now Laura and Bucky is kind of back to square one again. Hopefully they would make progress soon again after the the team comes back from gym.

Also can I ask if very random stuff things like hydro suddenly kidnaps Laura or some evil thing just suddenly shows up and ruins everything would happen. I really hope that doesn't happen. For some reason I found lots of people like to have something dramatic happen in the middle or end of relationship or recovery or family story stories (I hate it). Plz don't do it.

I really like how the story is going so far and encoruge you to keep going:)
10/11/2017 c14 Raven
AAAA YOU"RE BACK! THANK YOU for returning!

You don't have to be guilty for the long break friend I forgive you (plus this isn't a paying job and it is only by your graciousness that we get to read what wonderful writing your share with us)

I looove the way you wrote the newest additions to Laura and Bucky's interactions! They're so cuuuuuute and the whole scent thing was awesome! PLus i would have never even though about the shoplifting ink thing dang you are so cool thank you for sharing your story!
10/9/2017 c14 pipn123
Cant wait for more, great bonding moment
10/2/2017 c13 3Archangel Writings
Alright, I'm hooked. I only recently found the X-23:Innocence Lost/Target X comics, which was my first discovery of Laura, and became really interested in her. All I want to say is that these updates can't come sooner! Keep up the good work
10/2/2017 c13 3pipn123
Great update :) cant wait for more
7/25/2017 c12 raven
miss this :c
6/24/2017 c12 raven
miss thisssss...my rarepair needs love and writing my goodness i miss this story
4/24/2017 c12 Guest
Cliffhanger... please update sonn
3/27/2017 c11 Raven
OOooooo I reallllly like the dynamic between Nat and Laura. Every relationship and interaction between her and every other avenger is so INTERESTING and true to character DANG!
I would love to see more of how she'd react to Steve and his seemingly endless supply of kindness and compassion. ALSO what she would discuss with Dr. Banner oo that'd be cool.

but of course i CANT WAIT for the next chapter. MORE BUCKY AND LAURA AAAAAAA these poor broken babies aaaaa i'm gonna DIE
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