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7/21/2020 c2 wintersmith
I love Odinfamily fluff. Those two kids must have kept things lively in the palace, lol. Both the fighting and the making up were believable, and I really liked Odin pushing Thor to answer if he had actually felt Loki push him, and being ready to believe his youngest son. And the way he immediately sensed that Loki was frightened, and dealt gently with him.

For an in-universe explanation other than 'different writers/directors with different ideas for the character', the only thing that makes sense for me as an explanation for the outright cruelty of Odin in TDW is that age and stress-related senility hit him after the events of Thor 1.
1/29/2020 c25 AnonymousMe
I like the friendship between Fandral and Loki. Having him be Loki's friend before Thor's is a nice change to the other stories I have seen. Also, I enjoy seeing Loki use his cunning for someone else's well being.
12/5/2017 c37 11Ana of Asgard
This whole story was AMAZING. I loved how you portrayed Thor and Loki's relationship...I loved it!
7/9/2017 c4 Natasha
Yeah your authors note s are totally longer than the chapters. But that's ok I like hearing your opinion on things
7/8/2017 c3 Natasha
I think your authors note is longer than the chapter just saying like the story never the less
12/28/2016 c37 41Clarra-Night
I don't know how to begin a half-decent review for this 37-chapter beauty, but I hope you know it's a gorgeous thing to read. So many little moments that encapsulate their characters and relationships so well. Sorry this feedback doesn't begin to do this fic justice, but thank you for sharing it with us! I hope to read more of your works ASAP.
12/13/2016 c37 13GoodForBad
I have always loved this scene, perhaps a bit too much.

It sucks that this is over but I'm really looking forward to the sequel. These 37 chapters have served as a fantastic series of moments that lead to what Loki eventually became. They were entertaining, in character, and positively a joy to read. I can't believe I didn't notice the "In the End" connection, considering I quote Loki on a daily basis (I wish I was joking). But yeah, I'm seriously looking forward to some Dark World perspective. It's going to be awesome.

Now this isn't quite an official request by any means, considering your style is to look into back-stories and not so much rewrite an actual scene, but there's something I've been wondering since my first watching of The Avengers: what would have happened between the brothers on the mountain if Thor hadn't been interrupted by Tony flying into him? Basically, I've always been low-key pissed at the missed opportunity for Thor and Loki's reunion in that movie. We started out beautifully with the whole "Scared of a little lightning?" bit from Cap and Loki's response of "I'm not overly fond of what follows." It's great right? He KNOWS Thor is on his way. Then the moment Thor drops from the heavens and onto the plane, we get that look from Loki - that brief moment of "oh wow, there he is." Long story short, I wanted more from the mountaintop scene and have been pondering what Thor had been about to say: "Now listen here brother -"

Just my thoughts. Feel free to ignore them.

Anyway. I love how you interpreted this entire exchange. A more introspective, guilt-ridden Loki is one of my favorite kind of Loki's, and there's such a steady stream of heart-wrenching logic behind it that I was smiling through the whole thing. Again, this really just provided a way more believable motive behind letting them in outside of "I was jealous and wanted to ruin Thor's big day." It also makes the realization of his heritage shortly thereafter all the more painful. You did a wonderful job of weaving in your own head canons to the movie and as Loki would say, "I'm impressed."

But I am. I really honestly am.

The bit at the end with Thor and Frigga was a nice touch as well. A perfect way to not only round off the scene, but end this saga as a whole. I'd love to see some other fics from the parents' point of view, and possibly Thor's as well. But you do Loki so well that I'm more inclined to encourage that. Not biased or anything. Nope. ;)

Okay, seriously, this was really great. I can't wait to read more of your work in the future, because I've already accepted this whole piece into my own head canon. Just need to be careful now to not mix up this with the movies when I fangirl with my family. ;)

Well, well done. It's always a pleasure to see you've posted something new. Thank you for letting me get my thoughts out with consistency - it looks like my reviews got longer and longer each time. But like I said, I could write a whole thesis! That's how good your writing is!

Until we meet again!

12/10/2016 c36 Katie
Hey there! :-) I've been reading this series over the past few days and I've really enjoyed it, especially because you explain your reasoning behind certain ideas rather than just "this is what happened. Don't like? Get out." You've put a lot of thought into how the character's of each family member developed over the years to land us at how they are in Thor, and you are so right in portraying that Thor and Loki's relationship wasn't always bad and that many of Loki's problems were fed by a vicious cycle of emotional insecurity. I honestly think that there are any number of ways we could imagine Thor and Loki's childhood to have been because Marvel presented us with so many ideas and opinions from Thor and Loki without ever giving real proof of what things were actually like, save for once at the beginning of Thor which didn't do much. I personally agree that Loki didn't just have a few bad days and decide to ruin his brother's coronation, lead them to Jotunheim and ultimately have Thor banished. Tom Hiddleston brought far too much of a complex role to the table for that. But I have always thought whenever I watch the pre-coronation deleted scene (and hold in angsty tears! :'( ) that Loki is making sure to remind Thor that he loves him, no matter what happens. It's like he knows things are going to go to "fluff" and wants to make sure Thor will always know that Loki never truly wanted to hurt him (arguable, but that's how I've always felt about it). Anyways, I have actually enjoyed the lack of a romantic interest in this story as I feel a lot of us tend to forget that that isn't the sole purpose of a fanfiction. Appreciate the good read! ;-)
12/12/2016 c36 GoodForBad
Oh my God yes yes YES

Prepare yourself for a long-ass review. I've got MANY thoughts on this whole thing, to the extent that I actually meant to post this days ago and then life got in the way so I just kept adding to it.

Okay, so I was perusing through Pinterest a few nights ago (I bet you'll never guess what kind of posts I was looking at) and I came across quite a few valid theories as to why Loki did what he did in the first Thor. See, it's been bugging me (literally) for three years now that Loki seemed almost murderous against his brother, what with the Destroyer and his lies and all that - after the beginning of the movie, where he seems pretty normal until he realizes his heritage. And over a bit of jealousy? Really?

Though this makes no sense out of context, I am fully in belief that Loki was trying to protect his home through what he did with Thor - and this one-shot aligns PERFECTLY WITH MY OWN THOUGHTS.

Allow me to explain. First off, the deleted scenes added a sh*t ton of insight into Loki's character, and it aggravates me to no end that they deleted the pre-coronation one. Just last night, I was reading up on the feudal systems and how if a king was openly disrespected by those in his own council and guard, it meant that he was eventually going to be overthrown, in so many words. I never noticed that guy in the deleted scene laughing but DUDE - Heimdall OPENLY disobeyed Loki when he was on the throne, and rightfully placed there by Frigga. He aided Sif and the Warriors Three in committing treason which, I might add, was done without any ounce of hesitation. He literally disobeyed a DIRECT order from his king, for no real reason. And on top of everything else, if Sif and the others hadn't gone down to Midgard, then Loki wouldn't have sent the Destroyer, and then the town wouldn't have been leveled by said death-bot. The whole thing spiraled out of control because they didn't listen.

Loki was still under the impression that Thor was as reckless and dangerous as when he left. So yes, he lies to his brother and kinda cracks mentally by the end, but doesn't it all make sense in the context of Loki trying to prevent a freaking war?!

This is my long-winded and roundabout way of telling you that I am in full agreement that Loki was never respected. It's like they all wanted a reason to not trust him (Lord knows there is a wealth of potential fan fiction material right there) and once they had a "reason," they pounced on it.

You provided a bloody PERFECT line of reasoning behind why Loki let the Frost Giants in. I have never even considered that he was lying with the whole "I wanted to ruin my brother's big day" and now I feel like an idiot. Of COURSE he was lying. That's what he does. He was luring Laufey in so he could kill him - and Loki does this again in The Dark World when he seemingly betrays Thor. And Kurse thinks he's legit because he saw him in the dungeons and and -


So yeah, I feel like a total dunce for not picking up on that before now.

Hell fricken' yeah on your interpretation of Loki's reaction during Thor's banishment scene. Okay so, remember in the Vault where Odin and Thor are arguing and Loki just stands there, silently watching the two of them verbally spar? His silence seems out of place UNTIL he tries to say something at the Observatory after they get back from Jotunheim. "Father -" and then "HLAKJSDLKFJ" from Odin. He IMMEDIATELY shuts up and steps back, knowing full well he's not going to be listened to when those two are going at it. And then I personally think he goes into this stunned silence where he doesn't know HOW to react, because he was never anticipating Odin banishing the almost-king. And of course you're right! He's a guy! So I think a lot of people read WAY too much into his reaction directly after Thor disappears into his vortex of shame - you know, the one where he just turns, completely blank, and then we cut back to Thor spiraling out of control through the galaxy.

...and here I am explaining it like you don't already know, please forgive my rants.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that this explanation is beyond perfect. I'm serious. This sums everything I could never say in my own head canon while simultaneously keeping Loki in character. I'm seriously blown away by it. This entire thinking is just SO up his alley and it explains everything. EVERYTHING.

Plus Thor was on TV last night, so I decided to watch it...again. And let me tell you, I was thinking of these one-shots the whole time.

12/10/2016 c4 3TheFourthNorn
By the way. I believe it's Seidr, not Seithr
12/10/2016 c36 Emily83
This breaks my heart; to think that everything and (almost) everyone practically pushed him towards the inevitable. Reading this...it's no wonder Loki did what he did. :(
12/9/2016 c35 13GoodForBad
Don't you DARE start in with that "beginning of the end" with me. Don't you do it! Don't!

*cries hideously in the corner holding laptop close to my chest*

Well, now that THAT'S out of the way, let me just say hooray! Look at you! Providing us a back-story as to the portals down in the Vault (which btdubs, I did always kind of wonder about). Interesting theory and I am fully on board with it. Particularly with Thor’s knowledge of it, and the fact that it would be largely regarded as a bad thing.

PLUS…it fits in with the scene between Loki and Hemidall in the first movie, right before he freezes him. Loki says something along the lines of, “You think the Bifrost is the only way in and out of this realm? There are secret paths between the realms to which even you with all your gifts are blind.” So it was a nice touch to add in his question to the Gatekeeper. I love how you still work in his arrogance, while simultaneously helping us understand that this is actually something he’s PROUD OF. This is a skill he can utilize, but once again, it’s not considered a good one.

I’m really starting to feel bad for this guy. Again.

Hubris is a great word. Also, I laughed a little at the “There were times that he swore he hated his brother” line. It’s so clear that he’s spiraled into this tired, irritated person who’s equal parts sick of everyone’s crap and still kind of desperate to find his own way…while gaining their approval. That’s my thought, at least.

I can't wait for more, but I'm also still crying that we're coming to the end. :'(

12/7/2016 c35 59Windy Darlington
I'm sad, that's what I'm thinking! This whole story has been so beautiful, I'll miss it when it's done! I really like how you've got Loki discovering the secret paths, though. Very nice. And I especially enjoyed how you had him ask Heimdall! That was beautifully done right there. . . Sly, careful, and yet slightly bittersweet. It made me feel (I don't know if you were intending this) as if Loki was slightly disappointed with Heimdall's *unknown/unintentional* lying. As if some part of him wanted the Gatekeeper to admit he couldn't see everything, but when Heimdall declared he could Loki just had a sense of forbidden glee. Like that laughter that comes when you know something's wrong or illegal but you can't help it, and the prospects available to you just seem so thrilling and humorous.

A great chapter, again!

12/5/2016 c34 puffy kitteh
I am enjoying your fanfic. I had not realized that Loki's crescent might be more than a decoration. Fascinating!
12/5/2016 c34 13GoodForBad
Okay missy...do you realize what you just did? I just spent a good 15 minutes researching Loki's armor and then because I'm edging on the verge of obsession again, started trying to find the differences in his armor between the first Thor and TDW. I was all like, "Whoa, a gold crescent?! I've never noticed this before?! IS LOKI THE BADASS I ALWAYS DREAMED HE WAS."

So yeah, there was that. I'm not even mad.

(the most notable difference is that I think the armor in the first movie looked a lot more rigid and uncomfortable across the breastplate. In TDW, it looks more flexible and cozy. Honestly at this point I think I could write a thesis on the differences, but I'm going to stop myself here)

I love how articulate you make Loki, while also maintaining his snark and dare I say, slightly patronizing way of speaking to people. It's bloody perfect. It's getting to the point where I want to write fan fiction based on your fan fiction. *insert Inception joke here* Given the fact that Loki is obviously vastly intelligent, I positively adore the notion of him being an emissary or diplomat or what have you in place of Thor. Loki suffers under the weight of his own measured responsibility, and to be honest, it's why I think he went a little psycho on Thor with the Destroyer and all that.

He doesn't hate his brother. He's just utterly bored with Thor's brash behavior and everyone's seeming indifference towards it. Save himself, of course.

The exchange between Odin and Frigga was pretty powerful. God he's SUCH an arrogant ass. But you've somehow managed to get me to see things from his point of view. I did want to smack him with the whole "I will talk no more of it!" outburst. I mean, hasn't he heard of foreshadowing?

Every time I think about how Loki's heritage was kept secret from him, it kind of makes me feel like shit. Maybe it's because of the way he found out. My soul hurts.

Odin is a dummy. He's proud of his son but he can't show it because of his own damned issues. Curse you, All-father!

I'd also like to add, and I know I said this before, but I like seeing Loki as a badass too. I think it really resonates with us because it's so under the radar. He's more sly and crafty than his all-powerful bro.

Keep up this Loki goodness!

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