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2/12 c24 leavemealonetodie
The last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful way to end this story. See and Relentless are much more than companion stories. You have to read them both to get the true feel for both relationships. I am even more in love with these characters than I was before. Thank you so much. I love your storytelling.
2/12 c23 leavemealonetodie
The way you chose your words is just some of the most beautiful storytelling I have ever read. It’s professional and articulate. It has movement and flows so well.
2/12 c21 leavemealonetodie
Ugggg sister codependency I love it. And Dean asking Serra’s Permission omg
2/11 c19 leavemealonetodie
You have Dean and sams interactions down perfectly. Deans mannerisms are just right spot on. I feel like I’m watching the show. Magnificent.
2/11 c17 leavemealonetodie
A Winchester sandwich. Yes to that.
2/11 c16 leavemealonetodie
Ooooh drunk Winchesters is how I want to live my life
2/11 c13 leavemealonetodie
Heart eyes. Major heart eyes. It’s so FLUFFY
2/9 c12 leavemealonetodie
And the banter between the sisters. That shit is real.
2/9 c10 leavemealonetodie
I feel like Serra and Dean are so similar and then Sammy and Grace are so similar. It works so well for the dynamics
2/9 c9 leavemealonetodie
This. Chapter. Oh. My. God.
I read it three times. It’s. I don’t even have the words.

I have to go take a shower.
2/9 c8 leavemealonetodie
“Me and Grace are gonna die together, as far as I’m concerned”
foreshadowing?! I don’t know if I can handle it.
2/9 c7 leavemealonetodie
I can’t believe how good this story is. I thought See was amazing but this one is somehow better. The descriptions! The interactions! It’s juts perfect The gun range scene is perfection
2/9 c6 leavemealonetodie
Reading Dean and Serra interacting literally made me cry it’s so sweet and loving they’re perfect brother and sister
2/9 c5 leavemealonetodie
And seeing Dean watch Sammy fall in love is so wonderful. That one look at the bottom of the chapter...Dean knowing that Sammy is falling for her. It’s so accurate and perfect.
2/9 c4 leavemealonetodie
Seeing this through Serra’s eyes is so amazing.
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