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4/20/2023 c21 2Scarlette Winter
3/9/2023 c21 29fanofthisfiction
Congratulations on finishing your story and how nice it ended on such a happy note with good things being realized to the very end. For having such a complicated and depressing past, it was nice to see Kakashi not only thrive as a Village leader - the Hokage- but as a beloved husband, father, and teacher. Everyone did some growing along the way and it was great to see the extended family of both find their own happiness in the end as well. It takes work to finish a multi-chaptered story so thank you for your dedicated work and for sticking with it and sharing this tale.
3/8/2023 c20 fanofthisfiction
With all the action, how lovely to end the chapter on a note of a new arrival and to have Kakashi be right on time (and not a moment too late) for the spectacular occasion.

Nicely wrapped up with finding the villain and getting things back to a good place, here's hoping for a happily ever after to follow. Thanks for sharing!
1/18/2023 c21 tnkstar
Thank you for writing this beautiful fanfiction. KakaAya is indeed underrated pair. You wrote them very wel; glad this fanfiction does justice to them. I hope you write more stories about them :)
1/11/2023 c19 fanofthisfiction
What a wonderful emotional ride this chapter was from Ayame's time spent with everyone getting the baby's nursery ready to the invite to dinner with her family. The sudden dangerous situation and strike down of Yugao made for a tense ending (on the chapter) but knowing that Kakashi swooped in at the last moment defininely upped the heroic factor. Thanks for sharing!

Just in case you were interested, one little typo I think I saw : fouler instead of fowler to describe Obito
11/28/2022 c21 6Phishouttawatta
thank you for such a lovely story! It really is a triumph. It'll be one I definitely revisit over and over again
and who knew I liked this pairing so much?!
11/28/2022 c20 Phishouttawatta
Thanks goodness for Sakura's stubbornness. It got him to the baby :)
11/27/2022 c19 Phishouttawatta
phew bad ass kakashi to the rescue
11/27/2022 c17 Phishouttawatta
ooooh shit Kakashi asking for respect to Ayame oooooooo

Ayoda Biyoda and Chiyoda?! ABCs?!
Im so happy her sister came around. She needs that support and her sister is right! She needs to own that pregnancy like the boss she is. If she doesn't act ashamed or defensive, no one will feel that way.

Ugh the gender reveal is so sweet. I love that she's crying over potential hair color of their Marshmallow Baby!

And the psychological intelligence of this chapter ::shakes pinecone hands::
11/27/2022 c16 Phishouttawatta
I love Kakashi's contentment he feels
I love that Haruhi wants more familiarity with Ayame; they both deserve close friends

I know that you are having Kakashi feel like he should have pushed her to tell her dad, but I'm happy he respected her wishes. Ayame-adult children in general-deserved that privacy, and Kakashi was a good partner to allow her to make that decision.

"it was as if Ayame's weeping had tentacles, wrapping around each of his ribs, constricting him"
beautiful! ::chef's kiss::
11/27/2022 c13 Phishouttawatta
ugh, I love that you brought it full circle in the understanding of what was going on. they came to the understanding together, instead of separately and leading each other 3
11/21/2022 c21 5hinnyromionescorose
Glad to see this has been completed! A great fic, it was funny, fluffy and beautiful. I loved all the canon ships.
11/4/2022 c21 30tact-and-impulse
Congratulations on finishing this wonderful fic! The ending was absolutely tender and it makes me wish this whole premise was canon. And at last, Kakashi gets the therapy he needs...! I wonder how he'll feel when Kanna turns six, the same age he was a chunin. Ayame's gentle persuasion really does complete Kakashi's intense deliberation, and their conversations always run so smoothly, this last little discussion was no exception. This was a fantastic AU, and thank you so much for sharing it!
10/30/2022 c21 4Fatal Mars
really great ending in appreciate all the issues you tackled. I think this is such a fun read with hints of angst but real relationship issues not just fluff. great job
10/20/2022 c21 21tabjoy13
"I thought you were giving them money!" hahaha

Maybe they WERE dating, you never know with Sasuke...

Thank you for writing and sharing this story! I hope you hear from your lurkers!
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