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9/27/2021 c1 2Ghidora69420
How the hell Nico even survi- wait wait wait (realization getting smacked in the face) Nico was captured when he was in Tartarus, he didn't get out of there by himself, he got captured so he didn't face the worse things then the empousai and spirit things.
But still, how Nico even stayed on his feet after going through so much depression is a wonder.
1/5/2017 c1 BlankCanvas624
If you think you gonna break my heart with this... you're successful. HUUUAAAAAA! WHY?! WHY BREAK MY HEART LIKE THIS?! I JUST WANT NICO TO BE HAPPY! IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR?! *cries in the emo cornersnifsnif*
12/28/2016 c1 Deleaf
Well, if you intended to break my soul, than I suppose this was successful.
10/31/2016 c1 5Koala789
*cries* Nico...
10/26/2016 c1 6weirdnessunleashed
Oh, come on! I was just getting started, and I reached the end. Make it a bit longer! I'm following, by the way. :D.
One of the best things I've read on here, I was starting to think we were losing good writers. Thank you for restoring my faith.
10/25/2016 c1 2Demiwizard dragon girl
holy crud... I NEED MOAR!

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