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for Firewhiskey Nights

6/7 c15 clarkfan325
Great chapter. I enjoyed the way Arnold Granger was trying to defend Hermione and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
6/1 c15 mrs.padfoot.prka
Oh my god! I have no words! Hahaha this chapter has me in hysterics. Absolute perfection.
5/31 c15 OnceUponABlueMoonDream
I love your version of Hermione's parents so much! Go Arnold! That was beautiful. That would totally be me if she were my kid, though I'd probably be like Hermione's mum about Thorfinn to. And your Antonin is so wildly inappropriate and crazy, yet somehow endearing. I'm envisioning him insisting to be godfather then teaching their kid all sorts of things that have them pulling their hair out. Hermione will be even more paranoid, just to make sure they don't die and leave him responsible for the kid! I'm remembering Molly bitching about Sirius being unsuitable godfather material, but Sirius would have nothing on Antonin as a godfather! Ah sorry, this inspired my imagination to crack myself up. Hopefully you'll find these thoughts amusing too. This is my favorite story of yours next to the one where she's raising their kids and Fenrir's. Thanks for updating.
5/27 c15 Rossess20
I'm dead. Dolohov is such a wimp!D
5/24 c15 Jules
Updatttttttteeeeeeee... Thank you again for another wonderful chapter, this journey keeps getting better and better.. I want nothing more for this to work out for everyone and I have to say I absolutely love Hermione's dad absolutely brilliant
5/25 c15 Alithea Volturi
Fun chapter. Awesome that Antonin was getting his ass kicked by a muggle.
5/24 c15 Jeraly
I like Dad!
5/24 c15 viola1701e
I love Hermione and Thorfinn together ;)
5/24 c15 Sampdoria
Thank you so much for the update.
5/24 c15 yeohmeishi
HAHAHAHAH this was great! Must admit, I didn’t foresee mr granger coming to the party with the drill but I LOVE IT. Can’t wait for more xx
5/23 c15 nkh1
Oh my GOD what a way to leave this story...Please return to it...
5/23 c15 slytherinxbadxgirl
5/23 c15 SunRaven96
Love it! So funny, can’t wait to see what happens!
5/23 c15 Black Banshee
Poor Antonin !
5/23 c15 oceanfirequeen2.0
Poor Dolohov lol
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