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11/20/2004 c8 6Silver Night Phoenix
I love it..can't wait for your next chapter.
11/20/2004 c8 1emmastarz
I LOVE IT! plz write more and update soon! ^_^
6/24/2004 c1 Loki
Hey i like it so fa, you read mine so im reading yours! LOL! Smooches!
1/14/2004 c7 va13361
OMG! you must update soon. cause well ya know I'll have ta get violent and nobody likes me angry. Well actually thats not true... people think that its funny when i'm a little angry *ponders quietly* hm... but thats not important whats important is that you update very soon *flashes an evil grin* Muhahahahaha haha ehh *chokes* *coughs* *sighs*
11/13/2003 c1 3Titancybermon
Wow, I am so envoius of you. That was such a great first chapter and makes my whole story seem stupid. I HAVE to read more! But school starts in a minute. I WILL read the rest. Thank you for allowing me to witness greatness in the making:D. COOL! A lot of potential.
10/11/2003 c7 magicgalkairi
why put my email? hmm, interesting place *cough...New zealand...cough* i like the story...did darien REALLY commit suicide?
10/6/2003 c7 va13361
O... I like it so far... please update soon or... i do something evil... *off to plan*
10/5/2003 c1 esspeaenn
SpN: dude, you rock. nice job.

Take Me Away652: i dont really watch sailor moon. SpN forced me to read this, and i think its pretty cool. she forced me to watch a few episodes, and her freinds asre pretty cruel 2 her sometimes.

SpN: like oyu are to me.

Take Me Away652: =( shutup.
9/25/2003 c1 Little Magic Lamb
Hey this is cool, shortie! Write more soon, mmkay? See ya later! ^-^

~ Ra'ra ~
9/24/2003 c7 2LadyPirate54
that was kool write real soon
9/24/2003 c7 14Lioness Blackfire
New Zeland? ... ... ... Don't they film the Harry Potter movie there or something? *mutters to self about SOMETHING being filmed there*

Anyway, okay then. I'm curious as heck to see what happens!
9/23/2003 c7 Kaylen Cooper
hey, this is great, i really liked this chapter, and i am glad that you finaly told us where she went. ^_^ by the sounds of it, your from nz? am i right? just asking, me from aus. ^_^ oh well, ja ne
9/23/2003 c7 13Eternal Optimist
I can't believe darien killed himself! Oh know what will serena do when she finds out? Tahk you for finally telling us where she went.^_^
9/23/2003 c7 3Torachi
Wah! NO! TUXEDO MASK! MY SWEET DARIEN! ::freezes:: Eheh...Anoo...Don't mind me, minna! ::blushes:: Stacey-chan, you're going him, right? ::puppy dog eyes:: You can't be so cold as to let him die...right? No, not my sweet Tuxedo Mask! ::grabs fiance:: Darien, you better never copy your character! ::fiance chuckles:: Don't worry, love. I won't. ::Aki grins:: Whew! Good! Update soon, Stacey-chan! And please don't let him die!
9/23/2003 c7 5Railway Station

Yay! I live here :) :) :) :) :) :)

This is so cool! It would've been so cool if Usagi REALLY exists and come to NZ! Well, no harm in dreaming, right?
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