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9/23/2003 c7 5Princess-angel3
hey this story is really interesting so far so i hope you update soon

cheers angel
9/23/2003 c7 chocolate mmmm
Hey Pippin

hehehe still no reply from hugh, but neva mind.

the songs delta goodrem born to try, ill have the money for the cd on friday ( i hpoe if i can get to an atm)

cute chapter go the fish and chips! just not that store we went to in goon that took ages and then didnt have them heated.

now i'll ask one more time are u sure i cant have darien? please *puppy dog eyes*

ohwells Truffles! luv sarah *chocolate* smurf

p.s population 4 million silly! not 2
9/23/2003 c7 ShadowCub
Who cares what happens to Darien this guy with no powers is gonna be King? Dump him for anybody.
9/23/2003 c7 4Jaganshi-Summoner
New Zealand who would have thought. Geez it's when she's gone they start to feel sorry. A big difference that'll make.
9/23/2003 c7 15Lara1786
So cute. Darien isn't gonna die is he? *reaches up and frantically tugs at her hair* PLEASE don't kill of Darien! It's your story, but i'm begging you! Hope to see an update soon! You've been very good with getting the chapters out! Just thought i'd let ya know! -Lara1786
9/22/2003 c6 13Eternal Optimist
I'm tuched you like me, you really like me; well my review anyway.Thanks for updating, but you STILL haven't told us where she'd going. I can't believe darien would do something like that! How MEAN! I mean he may be mad or hurt or even scares at the dreanms but that was totally uncalled for! What a jerk!
9/22/2003 c6 14Lioness Blackfire
*dies* NOT FAIR!
9/22/2003 c6 5Railway Station

Did you notice you used "solitary tear" HEAPS? It sounds really cool, but using it TOO much can sound queer.

Please update! This is good!
9/21/2003 c6 Kaylen Cooper
hey, this is a great story! but will you please tell us where on earth she is going, tell us next chapter, or you just might not survive!
9/21/2003 c6 green smurf
LMAO, thats really mean! 2 in a row hehehehe I repeat what i said last night~ your one of the nicest people i know, ur just evil thats all LOL. Let me know when the next ones ready ^_^ Green.
9/21/2003 c6 macky-rj
This is so cool. by the way where is usagi going neway?
9/21/2003 c6 Sailor Morph
9/21/2003 c6 3Torachi
::growls:: You know, I'd have clobbered my Darien if he would have hurt me...But then again, I doubt that rose was intentional...Just like a certain someone's elbow smashing into my nose yesterday was. But then again, the fact that he bought me a 50 dollar perfume, apologized like crazy after he almost broke my nose with his elbow, and was daring enough to say that he loved me in front of my mom made up for that, don'cha think? And my mom would have strangled another guy. Picture the female version of Serena's overprotective father with red hair, and you have my mom.

9/21/2003 c6 1fairyona
I love the story! but...where in thee world is Usagi/Serena goin' ?
9/21/2003 c6 Oracle of the Stars
WHAT! Oh...they're gonna get it! (Pounds fist into palm, glaring at the scouts, but especially Darien) Be sure to make HIM suffer! I hate the creep and after what he just did, he deserves whatever he gets!
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