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9/20/2003 c5 3Torachi
Hey, I love the story! And arigato, gozaimasu for reviewing mine, Stacey-chan!
9/20/2003 c5 7green smurf
U know using blantant bribery to get the next chappy up is very naughty and bad, i'll make sure ryan punishs u accordingly LOL sorry, i promised I'd behave.

I'm gonna guess you're sending her to NZ right?right? that way u can include a character based on yourself in the story? Or not lol

very nice chappy tho, hope the suggestion for the summery helped, i suck at them thinkgs

ohwells I'll stop rabbling now. Love ya TODDLES

p.s why cant i have darian?

pps dont u think he looks a little like a certin Hugh? lol
9/19/2003 c5 2Lord Anime
good work
9/19/2003 c4 1Lady Amaris
hey thanks for reviewing my story i like your story also i'll make a deal with you if you finish your story i'll finish mine and yes Serena has blue eyes but i made her have brown eyes in my story so that shed be a lil like me =P
9/19/2003 c4 Kao kia Lee
hurry I want to read the next chaptor
9/18/2003 c4 15Lara1786
I LOVE it please update soon! What's Usagi gonna do and when will Mamoru wake up? I can't believe the scouts would do that! Please update soon! I'll be waiting! -Lara1786
9/17/2003 c4 maria
ooh!its great!i luv it!i hope u update SOON!but, make usagi change, and like not miss the senshi or darien, and like move on,...and make her get like new powers or something...but update soon!
9/17/2003 c4 5Railway Station

Love this ficcy!
9/16/2003 c4 Death Angel
Harsh! But really cool story! Write soon!
9/16/2003 c4 lilsnglslice
Good story! I like how you didn't put the betrayl in the first chapter like so may authors do. You allowed the reader to get in indepth look at what were the problems to cause the main idea of the story. Keep writing!

9/16/2003 c4 the short red one
Hey, guess what?


well i think your very mean to sailor moon! the poor girl. lol you had better fix this son

but if not can i have darian? lol

luv ya Sarah.
9/16/2003 c4 55Alcandre
*sob* This is so sad! But it is so great at the same time! I so can't wait for the rest!
9/16/2003 c4 sippio
9/14/2003 c3 4Tamashii Hime
Hey, very, very good... i'm waiting for the next chapter :-) that was great...
9/11/2003 c3 15Lara1786
I wanna read more! PLEASE update soon! I'm waiting in front of my computer! -Lara1786
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