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for A New Selection, a SYOC!

4/26/2017 c39 Smiley
Thanks for the chapter! It was fun to see the interactions of the girls.
I think Vivian is more than meets the eye. I like her a bit, yet not that much.
Side note, Val is getting married In two weeks! Yes I picked out a date, I know. Could the elite come? If not, don't worry about it. I'm way to eccentric sometimes.
4/26/2017 c39 1concordiaa
I I I love the chapte nee eed the next one
4/25/2017 c1 pinkiepielps08
Serifina Marie Black.
4/25/2017 c1 Smiley
This is my reviewer name. Hope you like it!
4/25/2017 c1 Guest
Hi! This is the guest who submitted Val! I have decided to make myself a reviewing name so I can be distinguished from other guests. I have just went through a whole experience with that. Anyway, I hope you update soon!
4/24/2017 c38 3starryworlds
I don't mind what my OCs wear! You can make it up. :)
Don't worry about shortness of chapters! Sorry this review is short though, loved what you did though! And it sounds like it's going to be cool.
4/23/2017 c36 AdalaideThatFrenchGirl
Oh I just adore this story! And I love Elodie's date! C'est très magnifique! You are an amazing writer!
4/23/2017 c38 Guest
Short n sweet!
I'm ecxited to go to the beach. It sounds cool. Val would have fun.
4/23/2017 c38 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Wooo hoo beach trip! I don't have a particular swim suit preference though if I think of one I'll be sure to let you know! Can't wait for the beach trip!
4/20/2017 c37 Guest
I love Marius and Luna, and Cassandra was also pretty cool.
Sorry for the delay, I'm traveling.
4/19/2017 c37 tobi-is-an-artist-too
Ah so it was for a date lol I guess I should have just went with it huh haha even still this was adorable great job! Though it was out adorabled ( yup that's a thing and I'm sticking to it) by Marius and Luna the precious princess I can never get enough of them. Great job all around! P.S Who in their right mind does not love hot cocoa? No one that's who. lol
4/19/2017 c37 3starryworlds
Don't worry about not updating quickly! :)

Oooh, I've been wanting to get to know Cassandra better, and now we are! She loves books! That's a plus! And I absolutely loved their library date! :)

Marius and Luna are cute!

Great job! Sorry this review is short, but I loved the chapter l! :D
4/17/2017 c36 Guest
Review Review ReviewReviewRRevieweviewReview
4/9/2017 c36 1Dangerouslyswt
Elodie is cool! It was nice seeing a date!
And the food fight was amazing :)))) I'm caught upto my reviewing now! Anyway, update soon! :)
4/9/2017 c35 Dangerouslyswt
I have a feeling that there's more to Vivian than meets the eye... And, Leo and Mer are goals XD
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