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for A New Selection, a SYOC!

4/9/2017 c34 1Dangerouslyswt
Tristan went to see chrystal! Aww! And Chrystal heard Tristan admitting his feelings! And arghhh so cute!
4/9/2017 c33 Dangerouslyswt
Tristan... Chrystal... this was amazing and Chrystal is in the Elite! Thank you so much! :) trystal is still amazing as ever.
4/8/2017 c36 3starryworlds
Oooh, j'adore Elodie! Elle est magnifique! Et Leo est *insert word for adorable* !

I can review long, sorry. I forgot to do so before, so I am now and I have to go to sleep (it's 11:31pm)
4/8/2017 c36 Guest
I love Elodie! I think she is so kind and modest, and would make a great queen. She an Luke really click.
I have to go know, thanks for this!
4/7/2017 c36 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Elodie is precious and I love her. I swore I reviewed on the last chapter I guess I didn't huh weird. It was great by the way just like this one! Sorry I'm gotta cut this short I'm kinda sleepy but awesome chapter can't wait for the next one!
4/5/2017 c35 Guest
Great chapter! I like Meredith, she reminds me a lot of myself. I despise Courtney and Vivian. So mean to others. Anyway Adios.
4/5/2017 c35 3starryworlds
Your portrayal of my OCs were amazing. I credit you on that, and this chapter was simply amazing. I love seeing all of the Selected get together and be friends, and they're all so – yeah, I don't know the word for it, but they're amazing. And, they are all different, so it's nice to see diversity.

AND MER AND LEO WERE SO CUTE. It was super fun to read, and – the feels omg.
4/4/2017 c34 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Crystal you get yourself into these situations because the heart wants what the heart wants. Just accept it lol. This was a nice little chapter I'm actually shocked someone didn't also him or something. Great job and can't wait to see the competition intensify.
4/4/2017 c34 Guest
P.s:If you want a ship name it's Ral.
4/4/2017 c34 Guest
They have a baby girl named Rosanna! She is just a baby right now. Super cute!
Anyway Tristan is amazing with Chrystal! Trystal 4eva! And Leo reacted intersestingly. Will he have them caned? No please no!
Bye bye!
4/4/2017 c34 3starryworlds
I loved this so much, and don't worry about it being short. And you've got me really excited for the next chapter.

It was nice learning about the other girls before they left 'cause we got more of a feel for their characters. Anywho, I absolutely love Rae. I don't know, but she just has this positivity and omg.

AND TRYSTAL YES! I love them, and I honesty can't wait to see their relationship/friends with crushes thing or whatever you would call it develop. They're OTP. (And Sunshine and Mari.. :))

Loved this! :)
3/31/2017 c33 Guest
Thanks for mentioning Val. And it's ok she's not in the elite. I already have her married to the son of the governor of Midston. His name is Ryan Symmes. They can come to the wedding! Yay! And Ryan is famous for his love of swimming and he is blonde with blue eyes. I'm way to creative with my Val, but that's me!
I have a theory that you have brown hair. But idk what you look like, I never thought about it.
Bye! Wow that was long.
3/31/2017 c33 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Yaaay no fainting! Double yaaay for the Elite! Though I'm on the fence about Crystal on one hand I'm happy cause we get to see more of her on the other hand I'm upset cause now Tristan has to wait even longer...unless he's willing to risk treason...I feel like he is...ohhh the drama. Also about what you look like...hmmm no clue but I'm sure your adorable :).
3/31/2017 c33 3starryworlds
Oh my god. I just read the title and I'm refraining myself from reading the bottom 'cause y'know spoilers, but I'm so excited.


And awww, Tristan went to find Chrystal, and yes they are OTP.

Tristan's Paoav! Yes. Awwwwww, Chrystal! ! !


Haha, "the sunshine" – sorry, I like to think of Adrien when I think of sunshine.

Mer is the Elite, and so is Ari! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ! ! Even Vivian!

I never really thought of your looks, tbh. Brown hair? Dunno, I have black hair. Loved the chapter though.
3/28/2017 c32 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
* wakes from previous fainting * aww Mauric saved Luna and Kalliopi kinda sorta maybe doesn't hate him as much I think this chapter is gonna be sa- ...what? Seven girls are missing? Crystal is one of them!? Tristian is freaking the flip out?! * makes it to Crystal's pov faints once again because of yet another awesomely delivered cliffhanger*
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