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for A New Selection, a SYOC!

10/13/2017 c59 sadpotato
:( b.. b.. BRYNN :(

this potato has decided to cook himself; potato suicide (NOT SUICIDE A POTATO AT SLL PEOPLE ARE DO NOT KILL YOUR SELF) but yea

brynnie :c
10/13/2017 c59 10Justabibliophile
YASSS ANOTHER CHAPTER. And omg, that chapter title.

Mer and Rae's friendship is honestly beautiful. If this were real life, they probably would argue with the strain of the competition pressing down on them, but they are still always happy and it makes me happy.

My heart stopped when Leo cared SO MUCH about whether Rose was hurt. And his reaction to Rose's distress about Trystal...XD. Trystal is fantastic. Trystal is amazing.

Luna, come on. Confess to Marius! I don't care whether you do one of those, "We have to stop the wedding," cliche action scenes or whatever, just get Luna and Marius together! Please!

Oh my God...the One is going to be announced so soon. TEAMRAE. TEAMROSE. MOSTLY ROSE. BUT ALSO RAE.
10/13/2017 c58 1Booklovin'03
Aw! It was sad to see Vivian and Cass go! But I’m so happy Rose and Mer made it! I love them! But where’s my girl Brynn? Oh please let her wake up! And Chrystal and Tristan are so adorable
10/13/2017 c58 Smiley
It's the final three! I am sad to see Vivian go most of all. But she'll be in town.
I'm so ecxited for the royal wedding! It's going to be great! Here's to Trystal forever!
10/13/2017 c58 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Hahaha sometimes cheesy goodness is a good thing! Don't worry I thought it was awesome! Ah, the final three to be honest I did not see Cass making it that far at all...kinda shocked she made it as far as she did really but it was still a fun ride. Welp I'm gonna through my bit in with my girl Rose and hope she pulls through! I'll pm you that other stuff sometime today perhaps okay! Also Mauris or Luna or somebody has to do something! They are twins for chistsake! I don't think it really matters which princess he married! Gah I'm inwardly screaming right now...but on the upside Tristan and Crystal can now be a thing! Whoooo! Aw man I really didn't mean to ramble! Haha whoops anyway can't wait to see who wins this thing!
10/13/2017 c58 10Justabibliophile
Yasss! Chrystal has Tristan's phone number and it is so CUTE!

Vivian...I never saw her winning, to be honest. But she wasn't like Courtney. She was really starting to CHANGE. And being kicked out could throw that all out the window.

Elodie...well, at least her music didn't become sad after she was eliminated. She's also one I didn't see winning, but she was also so happy and eager and the life of the party...

Cassandra...Again, not one I was necessarily rooting for but she liked BOOKS. She opened herself up to someone and now she's out. LEO WHY. But I hope Cassandra finds the courage to open herself up to someone new.

Meredith...The first one he took on a date is back in the end... Not the one I'm rooting for her, but she's an amazing character!

Rae...YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I don't know what it is I like about Rae so much, I JUST LIKE RAE SO MUCH. *Waves TeamRae flag*


Also, what happened to Brynn? I know she's...out of commission right now, but when she's okay, will she rejoin or has she been eliminated?


Did I mention I love the side stories you have about Tristan and the sisters and stuff? No? Okay, carry on!
10/12/2017 c58 Cbear88
Great Chapter!
9/24/2017 c57 1Cbear88
Loved the chapter, Trystal forever.
9/24/2017 c57 Booklovin03
I’m so freaking excited! But also sad because I don’t want to see all of them go! Please have Brynn make it! Breo has to happen! I can hardly wait until the next chapter!
9/23/2017 c57 3starryworlds
I'm excited for the Trystal! I love them both so much! Sorry I haven't been revising much btw. I'm so excited to see who Leo picks but then again I don't want to see this sorry end. I'm so conflicted!
9/23/2017 c57 6Unicute17
Job: Still a teacher
Romantic Partner: Julian Peters A friend of her brothers
9/23/2017 c57 Smiley
Yay! It would be amazing to have my little family in the epilogue. Her name is now Valorie Symmes, and she is a professional swim coach. Her romantic partner is Ryan Symmes, the son of Governer Charles Symmes of Midston. And her daughter is Rosanna Symmes and she is 4 months old now. Have fun writing! Breo!
9/23/2017 c57 10Justabibliophile
Okay, okay, this is good... That means Tristan and Chrystal can pretend they fell in love AFTER The Selection and they won't die! Yay! And Luna, JUST ADMIT IT. OR HAVE MARIUS ADMIT IT. I DON'T KNOW, SOMEONE ADMIT IT PLEASE. And I am shivering with excitement right now oh my God...TEAMROSE. TEAMRAE.
9/22/2017 c57 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
GAHHH WE'RE GETTING DOWN TO THE WIRE HERE! Man I don't even remember who I voted for! You know what I don't even care who wins but I will be sad when it's over, this was a fun ride! Dear sweet jesus a double marriage is happening! Something is telling me that chaos is certain to happen I just don't know where it's coming from ahaha. Oh and I know its a bit late in the game and all but you can just call me Tobi lol. I know it's a bit of a hassle to type all of that out. Welp that's all from me I can't wait for the final three!
9/16/2017 c56 1Booklovin'03
Final three! Oh boy! Please promise when your done with this story you'll do a living happily ever after story. I don't want to see this story go! I love it so much, great work. Anyway I love Brynn so much because she is so caring and has learned from her mistakes and is just kind. I think she would match Leo perfectly and besides I'm kind of biased because I have a sister named Brynn
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