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9/2/2017 c53 1rysarium
The title both refers to the end of the chapter where Ari is still gonna shoot the prince, and it's a Hamilton lyric XD
9/2/2017 c53 10Justabibliophile
Ari. ARI. ARI!? WHAT. NO WAY. OF ALL THE PEOPLE. NO WAY. NO WAY. ARI!? I JUST- I KNOW THE REBELS ARE FIGHTING FOR A NOBLE CAUSE BUT ARI!? And Kalliope won by using her phone. That's actually refreshing, since so many books nowadays completely overlook technology. And the title means that, even though the guards are coming, Ari's not throwing away her shot, she's gonna shoot him. WHYYYYYYYYYY. I'M SO SCARED. OH GOD.
9/2/2017 c53 3starryworlds
Damn I had almost forgotten about Ari and... that situation. You even shocked me with it and I created her! Haha, great job! (I'm not crazy, I swear) I like how you wrote 'turned to me and smiled apologetically' it's kind of like 'I'm going to kill you, whoops'

Loved this chapter (and the rest)! Great job!
8/28/2017 c52 2justanothergoldengirl
(I was previously called Sparklingdust112, just in case of any confusion)
WOW! That really was unexpected! And I think I died and then revived when Leo grabbed Rae's hand. You portray her magnificently. I looooooooved this chapter. (Mainly because of Rae and Leo. AHHHHHH THEYRE SO CUTE)
BUT WHAT?! SOMEONES GOING TO DIE? Please update soon!
8/25/2017 c52 10Justabibliophile
Uh...what's going on with Chrystal? Does she suspect Trystal? DON'T BE MAD AT TRYSTAL. And Rose being nervous about the movie is the cutest thing ever. TeamRose...and TeamRae. Also, I almost lost it when Leo grabbed Rae's hand, so so so so cute! And shoot, WHO WAS IT THAT WAS CAPTURED? PLEASE TELL ME NO ONE'S GONNA DIE.
8/25/2017 c52 3starryworlds
I didn't expect that rebel attack! AND THE SUSPENCE. WHOS GOING TO DIE?! Update soon!
8/25/2017 c52 Smiley
Ahhhhhh! The rebels came to ruin everything! How could they? That was actually a great chapter! Wonder Woman seems like a cool movie, though I haven't seen it. But I should. Bye!
8/24/2017 c52 potatospwat


8/24/2017 c52 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Gaaahhh! The suspense! I cant...HANDLE ITTTT! Awesome chapter but I'm gonna go off to scream on the distance.
8/24/2017 c52 Guest
AHHHHHHH! The ol' cliffhanger! Gah! I must admit that was a really good one! I wonder who the girl is? SUPER AWESOME CHAPTER! Please update soon I can't handle this! :D TEAMBREO!
8/22/2017 c30 woof
8/21/2017 c51 AdalaideThatFrenchGirl
I am back! I spent my summer back home in France and just now got back to the States for Uni.
These last chapters were great! I love your writing, it's amazing! I hope √Člodie gets mentioned soon!
8/20/2017 c51 potatospwat
okie so dis oder potato (my bff) taxed me saying that my bff (best friend fell) and i rushed to hospital and she cut her potatoe head right open so now i sad

anywhoooooooooo this chapter was really odd and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and i am still in school week 5 yea girl

sowwy i am crying whilst writing this

(ps: no potatos were harmed during the events that were recalled)
(pps: neither of us were potatoes i just used that to help my mood)
(ppps: i am very sorry)

8/16/2017 c51 1Booklovin'03
Oooooooo Leo and Cass! I'm excited about this elimination even though I'll be sad to see one of them go. Hmmm I think Cass is number two for my favorite girl. Maybe a tie? Extraordinary chapter! I thought Cass was really well written. #teamBrynn
8/16/2017 c51 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Haha I hate the gravitron so much! My brothers have to drag me whenever we go to a fair lol. Not fun. But this chapter was awesome! I'm glad Cass got to loosen up and how dare king douche man try to tell Leo who to eliminate. You leave rose alone you big bully! And those other girls too! I just can't get their names right now but leave em alone! And poor kalliopi she has to get married to the dude she hates but her sister crushes on. I hope Luna builds up the courage to say something. I'm sure it doesn't matter which princess he marries. Also sorry for missing the last chapter it got lost in the flood of updated I got I guess. But it was still great especially that trystal action we got! Anyway keep up the great work your doin a real awesome job!
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