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8/9 c80 epantoja521
Nice chapter
8/6 c80 talesfanjmf
A pretty short but sweet chapter.
8/6 c53 Unknown
I LOVE how you incorporated real horseback riding experience. If someone has not been riding a horse, either never before or at least not in a while, and then rides on a a horse at a gallop while they are jumping and racing in an obstacle course like race, then the legs are going to be in SO much pain since you haven’t used those muscles in a while. It was a perfect ending. XD
8/5 c66 Guest
"not enough water" easily the best quote in the fanfic so far.
8/4 c80 Reader
Great chapter
Wonder if they'll come after Darkrai themselves now
8/5 c80 12Cyan Quartz
I totally forgot Butch and Cassidy had a theme, and I don't think I ever realized what a knock off it was. This was a good chapter. The Psyduck guy kind of reminds me of that Pokemon Journeys episode.
8/4 c80 thor94
fun chapter
8/4 c80 5Chryssal
yes! and the part about Ratty. that was sweet. I'd love to hear the story with that one. thank you for another wonderful and amazing chapter.
8/4 c80 17griffin blackwood
That went surprisingly smoothly. Loved the jabs at team rocket
8/4 c80 2Dragonkeeper10
Butch and Cassidy just had a bad day. Mostly because Darkrai is a boss. Still, Giovanni will not be pleased at this failure. Jessie and James will but that's another story for another day.
8/4 c80 DeathCrawler
nice chapter loo
7/23 c79 epantoja521
This is a nice chapter and I like the Slowpoke tail and team plasma reference
7/20 c79 Reader
I'm curious how Beef and Cassidy will react to Darkrai
Maybe will also pursue Ash to catch it before the Trio does and constantly clash and sabotage each other
7/22 c79 1forward-smash
7/21 c79 12Cyan Quartz
I never thought about how suspicious the fandom might find it that Brock has a Drowzee.

I hate the internet sometimes, Hypno used to be my favorite Psychic type.
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