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for Shadows and Ash

11/9 c97 Speed Reader
Excellent chapter, fantastic story. Great seeing Ash plan his strategy. Very curious to see how this more intelligent, experienced Ash will do on the exam.
11/3 c97 na zhi bi ge
can't wait to see Ash take the exam,lol
10/20 c97 BlastShooter87
Another great chapter can't wait to see how he handles Geovioni or how Darkrai is going to screw with him lol. Can't wait for next and have a great day.
10/19 c97 thor94
good chapter, can't wait for the exam and have ash and darkrai causing some mess especially for the stupid picture exam (like the both of them showing a dozen of other pokemon perfectly fitting the shadow to the pixel)
10/19 c97 2Dragonkeeper10
Ash continues to be happy, Darkrai is grumpy, Blaine is even more paranoid, and Brock suffers in a long line with Ash. Is nice. And yes, It would be nice to get this elsewhere since FFN has been broken for over a week now and despite the message that appears, it isn't fixing the problem. So having the ability to see this and actually get an update notice would be grand.
10/19 c97 17griffin blackwood
Lol that was hilarious
10/18 c96 2NobodyHell
Me re encanta esta historia !
Enserio !
9/27 c96 8Hikari-J
This is one of the most interesting fics I have read quite honestly

Also FRENZY is one of those mons that has a personality ironically enough, a personality that you usually saw only in the first seasons of the anime
9/25 c96 1Emu Thing
Please, don’t lose inspiration for this story. It is one of the most interesting fanfictions I have read.
9/13 c96 Guest
Really glad I found this story. I love how grumpy darcry is
8/25 c96 Speed Reader
Excellent chapter. I just love blaine and ash’s characterization. Great battle, and frenzy is as terrifying as always.
8/14 c96 na zhi bi ge
Couldn't have expected more Frenzy at the Indigo Plateau Conference,Scaring all opponents!!
8/10 c96 8Kayuri Igrimakeon Pax
Frenzy continues to be a delight. a horrifying delight, bur a delight nonetheless.
8/6 c96 na zhi bi ge
love your story!!I really enjoyed it!
8/8 c96 SkeletonBisque
Well, I didn't predict 6v6 but Lenny, Patches, and Haunter did a pretty good job. Frenzy coming in clutch at the end, I should not have assumed less from him.
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