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for Shadows and Ash

6/13 c62 Reader
Good to see more Darkrai backstory
6/13 c61 Reader
Is that Ash's dad?
6/13 c60 Reader
Haunter is here!
6/13 c59 Reader
Hope Haunter stays with Ash
Also Riolu competing in P1 with Ash
Can Brock catch Primeape as like his donuts?
6/13 c58 Reader
Was not expecting a fake death chapter
James back and forth on the plan was funny
6/13 c57 Reader
Looking forward to Ash vs Sabrina
Hope Paras evolves soon as curious how it will change
6/13 c56 Reader
Great chapter
Too bad Brock didn't get a Kabuto for his own fossil Pokémon like Ash and Misty
Togepi is an interesting compromise
Hope Ash will be able to handle Aerodactyl
6/13 c55 Reader
So applied trade and badge logic to Charmeleon?
Did Ash at least exchange Charmeleon for Venonat?
Would be useful against Erika
Plus can fly once evolved so will help with searching
6/13 c54 Reader
Finally Riolu hatches
Sun stone is an interesting find
When will the Moon Stone be used by Ash?
6/13 c53 Reader
Great race chapter
Think could've also included Gary with Arcanine for more competition
6/13 c52 Reader
Was wondering if would do the race episode
6/13 c51 Reader
Brock with Drowzee is original
Glad that Misty still got Psyduck
Hope it actually evolves into a Golduck
6/13 c50 Reader
Poor Tod
Will he not befriend the group?
6/13 c49 Reader
So Oddish wants to be a Bellosom in a Contest?
It got caught by the wrong trainer then
Will be traded like Ash's Aipom to a coordinator?
6/13 c48 Reader
Nice chapter
Looking forward to what you chose for Ash's Eevee
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