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6/15 c75 Viruz pirata
Queso... Presa
6/17 c11 Terracotta Tortilla
Eww, heavy handed prophecies.
6/16 c75 talesfanjmf
Neat chapter.
The character interactions were pretty enjoyable.
6/16 c75 thor94
Fun chapter with reference to inconsistent game mechanic in a "real" world.
6/16 c75 GuardianOfTheUniverse
Great chapter
6/16 c75 Silverwing23
At least misty and Brock (more on Brock than misty) care about darkria's well-being and his life. Also, its been long time but how many pokemon does ash has, I know remember few but some who are at Oakes place. I lost track who has which pokemon. But if ash wants go defeat his next gym who specializes fire type. I know Lenny who water and flying type and if ash have a moon stone, he can have nidoking. Because ground type have advantages on fire.
Ooh, I can wait for next update.
6/16 c75 17griffin blackwood
I’m glad he’s not using charmeleon as it really helps solidify the originality of your work
6/16 c75 2Dragonkeeper10
Seeing how Ash finds Blaine in canon and his abilities of dumb luck, he is going to find Blaine. Hopefully Darkrai recovers soon as his sassy ass is always a joy to have. Plus Brock's point about Bureaucracy is on point.
6/15 c75 3LongNightDragon
Yikes, putting down a Legendary. Now, we all know that Legendarys are pretty much Gods with some of them having a connection to Nature and other stuff like Time, Space etc. Being forced to put one down should only be a last resort and while Darkrai is a snarky grouch he is our snarky grouch and it would be dreadful if he had to die.
6/15 c75 Horseman trash
really worried about darkraiis ash worried to? and this is getting more good!
6/15 c74 epantoja521
Ash did good
6/13 c74 Reader
Nice to see Erika be humbled by Ash's kindness
Wonder what's next given status of Blaine and Giovanni
Also will Ash still catch Muk? Hope do P1 tournament for Riolu and Princess Festival for Misty so can get some experience
Am all caught up now so can't wait for next chapter
6/13 c73 Reader
Great battle
Interesting team Ash chose
Too bad didn't use Venonat or maybe Aerodactyl
6/13 c72 Reader
Loved that they got at Erika for her unprofessional behavior but also might give Team Rocket more power over Pokémon
6/13 c71 Reader
Poor Ash
Couldn't win a Pokémon
Really want him to have a Dratini
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