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9/22 c84 Reader
Guess Misty's Gloom gets its wish for a Contest
9/23 c84 epantoja521
I like the extra lore in this chapter
9/23 c84 1forward-smash
misty, not a real woman?

them's fightin' words, chief
9/22 c84 thor94
lol, bad day for the boys.
9/22 c84 17griffin blackwood
Great chapter adding in modern lore into the episode
9/22 c84 Black Knight Lucario
now why do I feel like Misty is going to bring Frenzy into this festival? lol just imagine the massacre if she did that hahaha

anyway, thanks for this chapter! wanna see if we'll get Lickitung vs. Frenzy next chapter!
9/22 c84 2Dragonkeeper10
Ah the Princess Festival. Misty is going to kill them in that festical. While Ash and Brock are forced to watch. Also, why is everyone surprised at the benefits that Team Rocket offers. All good villanious organizations offer incredible benefits or else why would people join? Its only smart thinking.
9/22 c84 4JoshPlater
During the explanation of weeding out gyms, you put Viridian gym instead of Vermillion
9/19 c83 Macdadivali
Ok this probably has to be my favorite Pokemon fic hands down. I was at first warry about a legendary following Ash (with so many fics them just lining up and practically jumping into his pokeballs) but Darkrai has been an absolute gem and his snark paired with the group has been hilarious. Also I appreciate that Ash isn't OP or like some god, he's just a 10 year old with a terrible influence and the Winter Soldier of Parasects . Frenzy is one of the best things I've read in any fanfic ever.
I also love the little in universe messages/"ads" at the beginning of each chapter, it adds a nice touch.
Also, idk if you plan to crosspost this on AO3 but I hope you do so I can bookmark it and give it kudos!(I don't have a ffn account so I can't bookmark it here)
9/19 c83 3RJMeta
Are you crossposting this anywhere, by chance? This fic is the only reason I still use anymore and I wanna make sure I can still read it when this site finally dies
9/7 c83 5MurderOfBael38
espero con ansias el proximo capitulo
9/7 c71 MurderOfBael38
... hombre, ash gasto todos sus ahorros y literalmente los regalo, no se tu pero yo hubiera esperado las 3 semanas para un draniti
9/7 c68 MurderOfBael38
ahora, estoy casi seguro que ese es Mewtwo y ash definitivamente se encontrara con el, espero ver una batalla epica entre el Psiquico mas poderoso y el tipo Oscuro mas poderoso
9/6 c58 MurderOfBael38
Definitivamente este capitulo ha sido el mejor que he leído, es genial cuando el team Ash está junto al Team rocket (los 3 chiflados) y no están luchando juntos, es realmente agradable y gracioso, pero sin olvidar que el verdadero Team rocket es realmente una muy mala noticia
9/5 c34 MurderOfBael38
Esto me da a pensar dos posibilidades, la primera y algo conspiranoica es que en este fic Ash es hijo de Giovani, por esa razón siempre los rockets más torpes lo siguen, para vigilarlo sin que reciba tanto daño y siempre estar pendiente

La segunda sigue a la primera, pero de manera diferente, Delia es hermana secreta de Giovani y... básicamente es lo anterior pero Giovani pasa de padre a tío, lo que tambien es creíble porque si no mal recuerdo, los dos tienen pelo castaño, mientras que Ash tiene cabello negro, así que esta tiene más sentido
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