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8/31 c83 Reader
Great chapter
Too bad no one caught Mankey
Think Brock could've been its trainer since it liked the rice balls he made
The punch and kick training was interesting
Can Brock's Geodude evolve to Graveler so Ash and Brock can trade for Gengar and Golem?
9/2 c15 5MurderOfBael38
ok.. ok... si Bill aun sigue siendo un pokemon, entonces sobrevivio a eso
9/2 c83 SkeletonBisque
I love this chapter, kind of sad Ash didn't catch Mankey but maybe Misty will give him Muk, or maybe Ash catches a water type and trades with Misty for Muk. Also with Gastly evolving into Haunter he now has hands to punch things and the chapter became all about the Pokemon punching trees. Togepi was easily the cutest puncher, followed by Lewis. Muk is like the Frenzy of punching Pokemon, so maybe that's why Ash likes them so much.
9/2 c83 29Luckenhaft
It's Mukkin time!

I a
9/2 c83 2Segwayman
Muk using his punches is something I expect from sinnoh Ash and I'm questioning why the anime didn't do something like that during the sinnoh era or ever when contests where a thing. great chapter, and Ash needs that Muk.
9/1 c83 8Johnny Spectre
So... was that Close Combat mixed with Sludge Wave?
9/1 c83 quadehays4
another chapter keep up the good work. also lol we have another frenzy!
9/1 c83 talesfanjmf
Shame about Mankey getting away but this was a very interesting training chapter.
9/1 c83 17griffin blackwood
I almost read glorped as glomped
9/1 c83 1forward-smash
aw man that Muk reminds me of Ash's Muk in Ashes of the Past where he ate Professor Oak's TM collection and now vomits out ten different random moves whenever you need him to attack

i loved that Muk
9/1 c83 8Kayuri Igrimakeon Pax
muk, otherwise knows as Frenzy the second. the entire chapter cracked me up, peak humor.
9/1 c83 2Dragonkeeper10
Muk is the punching king, Haunter is so happy to have hands, and Mankey fled the insanity of this group. Is nice.
9/1 c83 Black Knight Lucario
Haunter screaming that he has hands and fainting out of excitement of learning punches is one of the best moments in this fanfic and you can't tell me otherwise! Psyduck was cute. Those Metapods, Togepi and Muk had me laughing lol. Sad to see Ash not getting Primeape and Muk but oh well. I don't mind and think it's pretty good.

Thanks for this chapter! Hope you update soon!
9/1 c83 Gouravsilentreader
Awesome update
Love it
Can you leave a list of Ash Pokemon at the end
Because I didn't remember all of them
Looking forward to the next part eagerly
Please update soon
8/31 c83 DeathCrawler
nice chapter but gotta say not enough frenzy look forward hte next ones
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